21 Wooden Wall Decorations Ideas with Lighting

Dealing with wall art is depending on the style of the room. We’re dealing with a distinctive decoration right here. Generally, wall art has a huge amount of choices to be well-applied in any style possible, such as wooden wall decorations, a printed canvas photograph, monochromatic print, geometric pattern on a frame, or a badly-drawn figurine.

But why not choose wooden accessories to spice up the wall? It’s a unique charm for your wall design. Adding this kind of wall decor on the wall would influence the whole atmosphere in a room. It’s got an unusual rustic beauty to every room.

1. Anchor Wooden Wall Decorations

wooden wall decorations

credit picture by madaconservation

Wanna have a little touch of a sailor man feeling in the mix? Try to hang this anchor wooden wall decor on your wall. It uses a reclaimed wood which emphasizes the rustic purposes of this decor’s theme.

During the day, the charm of rustic would be at its best. When the night comes, you’ll see a different appearance of this anchor wall. Everyone would be amazed looking at the lightings all over the wood anchor.

2. Geometric Wood Block Decoration

credit picture by welcometomeikarta

This woodblock art on the wall may look simple to you, but it actually has a complicated step to make. Even though, it’s still manageable to be used as the inspiration for your DIY project. The idea is simple, but the installation might give you a little problem.

Once again, the reclaimed wood material has become the main event of this wooden wall decoration. As you can see, what makes this wall decor so dramatic is because of the yellow lights behind every layer. The lighting position gives a sense of three dimensions.

3. Wood Accent Wall on Reading Corner

credit picture by awanshop

Reading activity should be an enjoyable time. So, having a comfortable reading area should be a must for a bookworm. As you can see, this reading corner looks both comfortable and exotic. Just look at the background wall. You can build this by rustic reclaimed wood on all space of the background.

Not just the wooden wall decorations, more than it. It’s like the main event in this reading area. The dark brown wood color of the bench cushion is also very supportive of the wood. Also, those three lamps on lighting fixture add an outstanding effect to the wall.

4. Arrow Wooden Wall Decorations

credit picture by induced

The shape of the arrow may seem to be attached with a manly image. Actually, it’s quite flexible nowadays. A lot of women also like an arrow-shaped decoration. It’s just depending on the design of that arrow.

For me, this rustic wooden wall decorations is pretty mainly because of the material and the size of it. But, it’s become more flexible when it’s added with bulb string lights. It’s a DIY wall decor that you can obviously build on your own. Find a shape of yours.

5. Neon Signs for Teenagers’ Bedroom

credit picture by littleredwindow

At first glance, I already assume that this wall decor is not for an adult. It’s a great option to be applied in the bedroom for a teenager. The youth feeling of the word “HEY” makes it more obvious that this light up word is suitable for a teenager.

Having this on the bedroom wall is probably right because you may don’t want to yell “hey” to your guest straight from the living room. When it’s dark, the amazing amount of light from the wooden wall decorations is at its best.

6. LED Fairy Sconces Wall Decor

credit picture by amazon

The rustic beauty of this wall decoration would be perfectly matched with your country house. It’s made of mason jars attached with the distressed wood panel. Fill the jar with white flowers and just put short string light inside the jar to add more impressive look.

The design of this wall decor named it as a fairy sconce, you can have two of three sconces on your wall. Don’t put too many of these sconces to avoid being too much.

7. Amazing Mason Jar Wooden Decor

credit picture by decomagz

It’s a smart way to repurpose your mason jars. As you can see, the mason jars have transformed into the outstanding light pendants that give you the light in a dramatic way. This is obviously easy to make. You can just follow a few steps, you’ll be ready to steal attention

Sometimes, the weight of the mason jar can be a problem. You’ll find it hard to hang it from the pallet structure you’ve built. You need to make sure that the string or cable is strong enough to handle both the jar and the lamp for each wood pallet wall decor.

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8. Rustic Wall Art with Industrial Vibe

credit picture by barbellsandhandcuffs

It’s written on the rustic wood panel, “It is well with my soul”. This philosophic word is very touching for some people. So, applying it on the wall could be a nice option to make. Even though the rustic base might be disturbing, this wall decor would still be a hit.

The industrial vibe of this wooden wall decorations could be the important addition because it makes the whole look of the wall more impressive.

9. LED Star Rustic Wooden Wall Decorations

credit picture by amazon

Another must-have item for your wall decor, this star is ready to shine. Similar to a real star, this star wall art only have the best shine at night. Sticking on a brick wall makes this wall art has its rustic beauty improved.

Some people might find the dirty bricked background disturbing, but don’t worry, at night the only thing that will have all of your attention is that amazing star-shaped wood.

10. Lighted Marquee Letters as Wall Decor

credit picture by sendflowers4

The word “LOVE” must be known by anyone from anywhere in the world. There’s no bound of language for love, right? Using this vintage design of wall art could be a fantastic job to manage your wall accent.

The fact that the base material is made of wood makes this decor more authentic. Just put it on the wall in your living room, people would be amazed and feel loved around this decoration.

11. Framed Wood Branches as Wall Decorations

credit picture by zulily

This wall decor emphasizes the touch of nature in its concept. It combines wood branches with microlight strings inside a frame. An artistic rustic charm would spread around the room with this lighted LED wall decor.

You could set a romantic ambiance around the room with this one. Have the white-bricked wall as the background to give all the spotlight on the wall to the wooden wall decorations. It’s a clever way to emphasize the decor you want to overlook.

12. Tea and Coffee Wooden Wall Decorations

credit picture by amazon

Check out this simple wall decor for your wall. It’s a perfect addition to your cafe. If you have a cafe, a mini bar, or even a coffee shop, having this hanging on the wall would make a complete decoration for the place.

This simple wall art is added with sparks of light o the word “coffee” in order to emphasize the main beverages in the place. If you don’t have a cafe or coffee shop, this wall art is also perfect for your home bar or even kitchen.

13. Motivational Wall Art for Teen Girl Bedroom

credit picture by etfaeiran

This is one sweet idea I have to mention in this list. It’s written “only Good vibes” on it which would ignite the positive mind of yours every day. It consists of a bunch of triangles in any size. This geometric pattern creates an interesting combination of the decor.

The magic happens on the back of the large triangle where the designer installs a yellow light. The light position is just perfect to emphasize the world to be the highlight of this wall art.

14. Rustic Wall Craft for Festive Decor

credit picture by bedroomfurniture

This rustic wooden cross craft would make an incredible sight to your wall. Your boring plain wall would transform into a source of festivity in your room. This girly decor could make a great addition to the bedroom.

It’s the result of the DIY project which means that you can’t actually build this on your own. You’re just gonna need some stuff such as a mason jar, micro string lights, the wood panel as the base, and a bunch of star-shaped woods.

15. Driftwood Wall Art with Candle Lights

credit picture by naturshome

Using candlelight is not just for romantic dinner. A candlelight could also be an exotic wooden wall decorations. Take a look at this driftwood wall decor. It’s a masterpiece of an unknown artist which definitely not the DIY product.

I guess, if you are skillful enough with a high level of creativity, you can enjoy making this artistic wall decor. The candle bowls is a traditional touch of this rustic beauty. It’s also useful to cover the wind that would turn the fire off.

16. Rustic Wall Art Hanging Bar

credit picture by homehihoo

As you can see, the design of this hanging bar decor put different sizes of pallet slats together to form an artistic style of wall decor. Some additional wooden holdings are added to serves as a spot for the bottle or glass.

Apply the lamp inside each glass to add a dramatic effect to the wood slats. The rustic texture of the wood pallet seems to be all out to impress. This wall art could be functional to hold some of your wine bottles. But, I’d assume that it’s just for decoration only.

17. Wood Pallet Crate Shelves for Wall Decor

credit picture by ndgro

You’d agree when I say that this wooden create shelves are stylishly rustic. It has many spaces to put your decoration. You can install the shelf in some of the lights inside the pallet you want. As you can see, this wall decor has 12 pallets which are only 5 pallets get lighted.

The purpose of this wooden wall decorations is not functional even though it has a proper space for storage. For any rustic style house, you could stack the pallets in your living room to show off some of your antique collections.

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18. Creative Simple Signage for Your Wall Decor

credit picture by etsy

Some people go on with their life by relying on some motivational or inspirational words. So, some of them choose to have the quotes they love on the interior wall. A simple signage like this would at least offer a positive vibe to move on with their life.

This signage says “When there’s a smile in your hearth, there’s no better time to start” It probably influences you and make you smile more often the day you see and ready the sign. Adding more decorative touch like that LED light could be a nice addition.

19. LED World Map Wooden Wall Decorations

credit picture by etsy

Some people are obsessed with traveling, they’ll even have a map as their favorite image. This world map wall art could be a nice thing to have for the traveler. If you just a fan of a map or geography, this outstanding world map art is gonna be perfect for your living room’s wall.

Without the lights, I’m pretty sure that the mao wouldn’t be as remarkable as you see in the picture.

20. A Map of California in Wall Art

credit picture by justeasy

Another option of unique map wall art, this is designed for you who want a specific concept of wall decor. If you live in or come from the California state of America, you might want to have a representation of your origin in a form of decoration.

21. Barnstar Wooden Wall Decorations

credit picture by etsy

Another star-shaped design for your wall decor, it’s called as barnstar. The name come from a barn wood style star decor. This design is very authentic, it could be used just like a wreath you hang on your front door.

The fact that it’s written with “Home Sweet Home” making it be a great option for it.


After all, I’m pretty sure that you are ready to add rustic charm with those 21 ideas of wooden wall decorations to your wall in order to strengthen the rustic country style you are about to have in your room.

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