21 Stylish Wood Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Having some wood kitchen shelves on the kitchen wall would help you organize our kitchen utensils and display them. Warm, timeless, and inviting atmosphere of a kitchen can come from one of the elements inside the kitchen, including the shelves with the charm of wood.

There’s two type of shelves that are used in a kitchen. The first one is open shelves and the second one is closed shelves. Both of them plays an important role in the kitchen. You can choose one type that suits the style in your kitchen.

There are a lot of design ideas you can explore here in order to get some inspirations about what you’re gonna do to your kitchen wall. Shelves in the kitchen would definitely make the wall more interesting. It’s not just about the look, but also the organization of the stuff.

1. Simple Rustic Wood Shelves In Modern Kitchen

credit picture by decoratrend

The contrast combination of two different styles like modern and rustic has become popular lately. The design is quite brave to apply this design combo. But, you’ll agree when you see the result. It looks so stunning.

The rustic wood shelves surprisingly work really nice around a modern environment. Even though the contrast is so obvious but that’s the point. The rustic thick wood planks get influenced with the fancy look of the utensils.

2. Rustic Wood Kitchen Shelves on Chalkboard Wall

credit picture by cdn.decoist

Wanna make your own private coffee bar in the kitchen? you may need to have shelves to support the entire attractions. As you can see, the floating shelves really play an important role in this kitchen’s coffee bar.

The black background is not gonna be a problem for those rustic wood kitchen shelves because it suits perfectly. Because the color of the wood is quite dark, that makes it well-blended with the black background.

3. Wood Kitchen Shelves on Rustic White Brick Wall

wood kitchen shelves

credit picture by naibann

Just by looking at this kitchen, you can easily say that the main feature of this kitchen is that rustic white brick wall. The rustic texture seems to be catching whole attention you have in the kitchen. It almost makes the stuff you display on the shelves invisible.

My suggestion, the utensils that you can see through like those fancy glasses, shouldn’t be displayed there if your plan is to display them. Just focus on the stuff that has colors to maximize the decor. Colors would have more power than white, in this case.

4. DIY Rack Idea Made of Cooper and Wood

credit picture by gagnant59

This wooden rack or shelf has its own wood base that’s not gonna bother the wall. This DIY rack design just doesn’t care about the background wall of your kitchen because it has its own background wall.

This rack looks really simple because it only consists of copper and wood boards as the main materials. The shelf space is so tiny because this rack is obviously made for spices. The cook will agree that spices need its own special rack.

5. Contemporary Rustic Shelves for Kitchen

credit picture by sedentarybehaviourclassification

Adding a rustic touch in the middle of the contemporary kitchen design would be a nice thing to do. As you can see, the rustic shelves offer an outstanding charm to balance the atmosphere. It also offers a great space to manage and organize your plates and bowls.

The tile design of the wall can be distorted if there’s anything attached to it. Thanks to the rustic wood kitchen shelves in the middle.

6. White Wood Shelves in a Barn Kitchen

credit picture by i.pinimg

These white shelves have an astonishing vintage design that looks perfect on the wooden wall in this barn style kitchen. The shelves will be very helpful to keep dishes and glassware handy. This stunning kitchen has two types of kitchen shelves in the same room.

As you can see, at the right side from here it has some open shelves and glass-covered shelves cabinet on the left side. It completes your needs of displaying or keeping the utensils.

7. Incredible Ideas of Wood Kitchen Shelves for DIY

credit picture by trendecora

The white base is always gonna be the most favorite spot for a wooden element. This wood kitchen shelves really shine perfectly in that white kitchen. It’s full of white, so the element that will have different color would draw much attention.

That’s the reason you have to maximize the look of your shelves in the kitchen. Make sure everything you put on the shelves are essential for the kitchen’s workflow and look.

8. Chic Bohemian Wood Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by disenowebtandil

One of the most unique styles for a kitchen is this one. It’s the bohemian style of kitchen that has an uncommon look of a kitchen decoration and feature.

The simple wood planks sit on some black steel holders to make a form of a functional shelf. For Bohemian style, each shelf should be put with a lot of accessories which give a crowded look. The most interesting feature in the kitchen is that simple but creative lighting treatment.

9. Cottage-Style Wooden Kitchen

credit picture by i.pinimg

The only reason why it’s called the wooden kitchen because this kitchen is full of woods. Wood elements are everywhere. From the flooring to the ceiling, it’s all using the same material with the similar texture and color.

Pairing it with white cabinet could be the right thing because it could easily balance the whole atmosphere of this cottage-style kitchen. Also, thanks to the ceramic collection that rocks the shelves.

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10. Industrial DIY Wood Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by homelovr

Wanna have some industrial vibes in your kitchen, this large-sized kitchen shelf is on their way. It’s in full size of the wall in your kitchen.

In many kitchens, the shelves would be a part of the kitchen cabinet set. But now, it has been a stand-alone element that you can have it’s placed in its own spot in the kitchen. Of course, it requires a large size of the kitchen.

11. Wood Kitchen Shelves In Bohemian Kitchen

credit picture by homelovr

Remodeling your kitchen using this concept would give you a refreshment every day. The combination of white and green colors are so refreshing for any room. To achieve the perfect atmosphere, you have to adjust the right portion for each color.

When dealing with green color in a room, natural touch seems to be the right thing to blend with. This Boho kitchen has many plants on the shelves to maximize the natural touch for this kitchen. With those little plants, the refreshing atmosphere is improved.

12. Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by homelovr

Combining wood and metal tend to be found in a modern rustic style. This time, it’s different. Both the wood and the metal materials are rustic. This beautiful rustic kitchen shelves will easily draw attention in this vintage kitchen.

Apparently, the wood material of the kitchen shelves is made of pallet board. The pallet board is constructed with hanging metal structure.

13. Rustic Wood Shelves with Plumbing Pipes

credit picture by taigamedh

Metal plumbing pipes work really great with rustic wood. As you can see, the pipes create a fantastic accent to the wall with its dark color. The industrial-look shelves are quite popular these days. So, there’s nothing wrong to apply it to your kitchen too.

The wood kitchen shelves here can be filled with your kitchenware like plates, glasses, and stuff. With these open shelf concept, you don’t need an upper cabinet. Get them all stylishly displayed.

14. Set of Three Wood Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by texastan.club

Some simple small shelves for your kitchen would gladly organize your kitchen. Even if it’s just a decoration for your empty kitchen wall, the existence of those shelves is still important. You have to be smart to decide about the purpose of the shelves in the kitchen you have.

Using only three wood planks and hooks, you can make the wall of the kitchen looks more interesting. The materials that are used to build the shelves look so sturdy.

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15. Small Kitchen with Wood Shelves

credit picture by sideprojectsociety

Wood material is used in most of the kitchen shelves. Whether it’s rustic or well-painted, wood is mostly used to build the shelves for the kitchen. Wood kitchen shelves offer an outstanding space to display your kitchenware.

That includes your collection of plate, glass, bowl, bottle and many more. You can play with the color of them to decorate your wall. But, it’s easy to look messy or cluttered because it’s not hidden.

16. Clean Elegant Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by i1.wp

Paint the whole wood shelves with white color might change the style of the kitchen. It’s because the wood is no longer rustic or natural, it’s painted white and clean. So, it turns to have a clean and elegant look of a kitchen.

To add color to the wall, let your kitchen stuff do the work. If you wanna make it soft, just display kitchenware that only has soft or pasty color. It would manage the style of the kitchen for not being too colorful and crowded.

17. Beautiful Kitchen with Green Walls

credit picture by 5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs

At least, there are two ideas in this list that talk about the color of green. Choosing green as the color of the kitchen is pretty common but more people like to have their kitchen in a basic neutral color like white.

In this kitchen, the green is not dominating the whole room. It’s only painted on one side of the wall, the wall that has shelves. The brown wood color from the shelves makes a great accent for the green wall. The white bowls and other stuff seems to be having a great time.

18. Small Kitchen Shelves for Spices

credit picture by i.pinimg

As we both agree before, that the spices in the kitchen need to have a special shelf. Well, these small shelves are designed only for spices. So, you can easily organize your spices supply to support your cooking. Make sure to refill all of the containers in time.

Obviously, this thing can be bought from the store. It’s also not impossible to be your DIY project on the weekend. If your kitchen has a barn or farmhouse style. This black small shelves will support it.

19. Maximized Wood Shelves Kitchen

credit picture by onechitecture

The designer decided to maximize the space that the wall and shelves have. As you can see, from the bottom to the top shelf, all of them are filled with anything related to the kitchen. There are four shelves in this kitchen and all of them are full.

The top shelf might be filled with unnecessary things because that shelf is installed to display stuff for the sake of decoration. The second one is the shorter version of the first or top shelf. I guess the rest of the shelves are both decorative and functional.

20. Natural Rustic Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by i.pinimg

The look of this kitchen is quite dramatic, thanks to the lighting on top of the shelves. Anyway, the rustic texture of the wood plank is the highlight of this kitchen. You will only need one counter to amaze everyone with those wood shelves.

For a fan of rustic material, these wood kitchen shelves are so lovely. It’s matched with the gray color of the wall. I personally recommend white color as the wall kitchen color that has wood shelf mounted.

21. Repurposed Cabinet for Kitchen Shelves

credit picture by cs6.livemaster.ru

If you are really a fan of rustic furniture and want to go extreme on your kitchen design, have this rustic vintage rack. This open cabinet set consists of many shelves that you can fill with your kitchen utensils and organize them at one place.

You don’t need to mount any shelf to your kitchen wall. This repurposed furniture is a great addition to any kitchen. But, if your kitchen is not ready to be invaded by this rustic furniture, you can use the wall-mounted shelves instead.

In Conclusion

Overall, those ideas are possible to be your DIY project. Some of them are easy to copy and some of them are quite complicated. You will need to hire some professionals to get it done for you. There are over 20 ideas of wood kitchen shelves you can explore in this article.

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