15+ Budget Friendly Ideas of Wood Kitchen Island

Wood kitchen island design could be a good alternative for your kitchen if you want to save some of your budgets. Mostly kitchen island is topped with granite or marble material which is quite expensive in price. So, wood material would be a savior.

Most home owners or designers choose granite, marble, or other hard, concrete materials because it’s good looking and easy to clean. But, some people are just needed to save money for other stuff and maybe they just want a different kitchen island.

Wood material is also quite popular these days. If your kitchen style is rustic, farmhouse, vintage, or so, a wood kitchen island is the perfect way to go.

Wood to Choose for Kitchen Island

It’s pretty confusing if you are new to this. But, there are so many types of wood you can choose for your kitchen island countertop. Each of them has their own charm, style, and strength. You can choose based on your needs and budget.

Well, here are 10 types of wood you can choose for your kitchen island:

  • Hard Maple. It’s the ideal material for butcher block which shows its strength.

  • Teak. The sturdy and appeal hardwood from Mexico.

  • Tigerwood. It’s got a striped quality that looks like a tiger skin.

  • Black Walnut. The most revered woods that are used for home decor.

  • Cherry. It’s used typically in furniture construction in America.

  • Bamboo. It’s the eco-friendly choice among others.

  • Wenge. It’s an African hardwood that natural dark brown-black color.

  • Beech. The affordable wood that has a nice orangey pink color.

  • Hickory. It’s the “Hercules” of American countertop.

  • Mahogany. It’s relatively soft and not recommended as a cutting board.

You may start to decide which types of wood that meet the style of your kitchen design. Choose the one that matches with the structure build of the island. In this article, we’ll focus on the kitchen island that’s built entirely from wood material and possible to be a DIY or Repurposing project.

1. Wood Kitchen Island with Farmhouse Look

Wood Kitchen Island 1

credit picture by i.pinimg

A farmhouse look is not always natural. You can create the look with some paints. Obviously, this farmhouse kitchen island used some paints and wood finish to achieve that look. This bar style kitchen island is also used as a table.

This farmhouse kitchen island offers a spacious space on the countertop. It’s pretty spacious for a small kitchen. Your preparation step of cooking would be more effective and efficient. The two-tone color combination seems to be the right way to treat this kind of table.

2. Red Wood Kitchen Island with Storage

credit picture by midcityeast

A kitchen island with a lot of storage space will be loved by many people. Since they prepare the food or cooking on the kitchen island, they need a storage space that’s attached to the island to make efficient work.

The kitchen island is the only element colored red in this kitchen. The furniture of this kitchen is dominated by the natural color of wood, brown. That what makes the kitchen island shines amazingly in the center.

3. Repurposed Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by traumaflintstone

This kitchen island table is obviously not originally designed as the kitchen island. But, it’s surprisingly made a great island for your small kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and you don’t need a wider space on the island counter, this is the right furniture for you.

At the bottom part, you can see a cabinet that offers you a space to display your plates and glassware. You may light inside the cabinet to make a point for the cabinet look.

4. Rustic Wood Table as Island and Dining

credit picture by onechitecture

This farm kitchen table is so lovely. It deserved to be in every kitchen that applies rustic and farm style. As you can see, the table has multiple functions. You can use it to prepare food for your cooking as the kitchen island. It’s also great for a dining room.

Who needs a dining room, when you can have dinner in the kitchen with this beautiful rustic table. The size of the table is perfect for the regular size of the kitchen. The rustic texture looks matched with the cabinets, flooring, and even the carpet.

5. Modern Rustic Wood Kitchen

credit picture by jdsdenver

The first one I want to mention about this kitchen beside the island is the ceiling. The texture, color, and structure of the ceiling are like the reason why the kitchen looks so rustic. Well, maybe the whole has the same look of the ceiling. If it’s the style of the house. it’s very consistent.

As you can see, the design of the wood kitchen island in the middle is trying to fit with the ceiling. For me, the ceiling design and texture is a little bit over. That’s why it’s a must to maintain the balance of this kitchen.

The wood material used for the counter looks like a tropical hardwood from Mexico called Teak. It’s appealing and sturdy. The warm hue that it offers to the atmosphere is surely helping.

6. The Smallest Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by i.pinimg

It’s not just the smallest furniture in the kitchen it’s also stylish. Even though it’s just a small table with a dark wood finish, it’s still a great addition. This kitchen design shows you that if you want to add just a little bit rustic in the middle of your kitchen.

The downside of this small kitchen island is the counter space. The space you are about to use would be very limited. But, that’s not gonna be a big problem because you can prepare your food from another counter on the cabinet.

7. Extreme Rustic Kitchen Island with Glass Top

credit picture by i.pinimg

If you think your kitchen is rustic enough, wait until you visit this kitchen. It’s rustic all over the room. From the wall, ceiling and flooring, all of them are designed with rustic texture and color. If you can manage to cook around rustic furniture, you’ll have fun cooking here.

Take a look at that rustic red kitchen island. It looks like it’s really old. The rotten red paint emphasizes the rustic texture of this kitchen island. Combining it with a glass top might be unacceptable for a full rustic kitchen. But, I guess it’s there to keep everything in balance.

8. Vintage Kitchen with Rustic Wood Island

credit picture by i.pinimg

This is the kitchen design you can rely on when you want to have a vintage style but still with rustic wood kitchen island. The design is actually pretty simple but the result is quite a hit for a kitchen. The addition of those antique lighting strengthens the vintage look of this kitchen.

The size of the island is really small. There will be a limited space on the top that can be a problem if you used to prepare your food on an island. But, if you don’t usually use your kitchen island and make it as an extra counter. It’s gonna be perfect.

9. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island with Wood Pallets

credit picture by i.pinimg

Wood pallets are the most favorite piece of material when it comes to rustic or farmhouse design. As you can see, the concept of a wood pallet is dominating the look of this kitchen island. This furniture is packed with four pallets to be the storage basket for your food supply.

It’s designed to be under the island for an easy of reach. You can easily take out the supply you need for your cooking. Drawers are important elements of the kitchen island. This reclaimed wood island has four drawers. That’s what makes this island as a complete furniture.

10. DIY Small Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by cdn.hausbest

We all know that all of the ideas above are possible to be a DIY project. So, this one might be the easiest one. Well, it’s based on your skill of woodworking. As you can see, this table looks pretty simple. Using a small table as a kitchen island would probably need a bit of change.

You can give a little bit of a remodeling work in order to make it more kitchen friendly. Placing this table in the middle of the busy kitchen may be helpful. You can add a cutting wood board on the counter to make this table more useful as a kitchen table.

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11. Modern Industrial Kitchen with Wood Island

credit picture by i0.wp

For a modern kitchen that needs more industrial vibe, this set of kitchen island will be helpful to give that vibe. In the middle of the white modern kitchen comes an industrial style of wooden furniture. That combination of a black steel structure with beech wood top is just brilliant.

The contrast color of the island with white surroundings makes the kitchen island more alive. With the addition of some matching stools, the industrial kitchen island becomes complete. The beech wood is quite popular because it’s undeniably good looking and affordable too.

12. Weathered-looking Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by hoomdesign

You would agree when I say that this kitchen island looks fabulous. I can still recommend it to a fancy rustic kitchen. The weathered look and rotten texture is surely become the highlight of this kitchen island.

In order to get a maximal look of the kitchen island, you need a lot of natural light. So, it would be perfect if your kitchen has big windows as you see in the picture. There are two big woven baskets for the storage below the table.

13. Gray Pallet Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by homebnc

This kitchen island is just looking like a large-sized wood pallet. The design concept is so obvious that the designer wants a pallet to be a kitchen island. Well, that’s very thoughtful. This creative kitchen island can be perfectly suited in any kitchen with white wall and flooring.

When dark gray combined with the white background, the existence of the color becomes very visible. That’s the reason this pallet colored that way. The designer chooses gray color instead of the original pallet color just because of his/her desired style for the kitchen.

14. Elegant Pallet Kitchen Island with Complete Features

credit picture by limaonagua

The first time I see this wood kitchen island, I can’t believe that a rustic wood pallet can be designed to be this elegant. I guess it’s a complicated DIY project to do. You can buy some required wood pallets from the store. Make sure that wood is in a good quality and strength.

I guess you can’t use your old wood pallet to create this elegant kitchen island because the quality might not be as strong as it needs. This pallet island features a built-in stove, sink, cutting board, and a lot of storage.

15. Wood Breakfast Bar for Kitchen Island

credit picture by nestled.co

This kitchen island is not completely in a square shape of a kitchen island. It’s actually bonded to the main kitchen island. The wood structures to form a counter for the bar area. Even though the wood material is only used in some part of the island, but it’s still seemed to cover the whole look.

The rustic natural wood structure gives a good-enough cover to the main kitchen island. The light fixture above the island seems to approve this concept.

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16. Full Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by kitchenkrafthome

The design of this rustic kitchen island is so unique. This is what happens when rustic meets contemporary. The large size of the island makes it become the focal point of this contemporary kitchen.

The island is using reclaimed walnut wood that has a wow factor. The texture and color are just amazing. This kind of island would give a sleek note to the kitchen. Thanks to the natural dark brown color of the wood.

17. Light-Colored Kitchen Island on Wheels

Wood Kitchen Island

credit picture by pembridge

This type of kitchen island is also called as butcher block. So if you do the meat cutting a lot in your cooking, this must be the right island for you. Even though it’s small, it has an aesthetic charm and portability.

In Conclusion

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. So, we should treat the kitchen really. That includes choosing the perfect focal point for it. All the budget-friendly designs of wood kitchen island above are perfect enough to satisfy the rustic soul of your kitchen.

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