30 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas from Wood!

The popularity of using wood pallet as rustic decoration is growing day by day. People love it because of its cost-efficient gain and its recycling powers. Rustic wood has its own charm and interest to every room including to be one of your small bathroom storage ideas.

The rustic look of the wood pallet is very flexible to almost any style and any room including the bathroom. It’s quite common to have a wood pallet to decor the bathroom.

In this article, there will be a huge amount of small bathroom storage ideas that use wood pallet as the main material. It would give your home decor, some practicality and embellishment for your bathroom’s vacant wall.

1. Wood Pallet Mason Jars Storage

small bathroom storage ideas

credit picture by clipgoo.com

The addition of mason jars on the wall as a decorative shelf is a clever choice to make. The use of mason jar in rustic-style decoration is very common. This jar really adds collective look. Do not throw away your jam of jar after it’s empty. However, making it a good bathroom decor is the best idea to save your budget.

It’s an easy and simple way to add rustic character into the mix. Mason jars are very accommodative, you could put almost anything you want to each jar you have on the wall. For instance, you can fill it with bathroom equipment like a toothbrushes, cotton buds, makeup brushes, eyeglasses, even flowers.

2. Toilet Organizers from Wood Pallet

credit picture by designlisticle

This is a simple DIY project you can do on your own. It consists of three compacts which can accommodate the supply of your toilet paper, its holder, and the toilet brush. Those toilet items should be placed close to the toilet.

In other words, using the wood pallet as the main material is the right thing to do. It adds character to the white base. Getting it attached to the vanity makes the space for your toilet looks more spacious and comfortable.

3. Farmhouse Self for Bathroom

credit picture by karintil

It’s one of the recommended small bathroom storage ideas. As you can see, this storage concept gives you two spaces of the shelf and one toilet paper compartment. All of them are mainly made of a wood pallet.

Inside a white bathroom, the color and texture of wood pallet look really contrast. That’s what makes this bathroom so stunning.

4. Pallet Ladder Over The Toilet

credit picture by ana-white

It’s a clever way to add shelf without even bother to make unsightly holes on the walls of your bathroom. This leaning ladder concept is quite popular for the tiny bathroom. The quality of wood for this ladder is usually pretty solid.

It’s got three shelves where you can use it functionally to store bathroom items such as towels, toilet paper, aromatherapy candles, etc.

5. Hanging Rustic Bathroom Shelf

credit picture by ooshirts.club

Bathroom space is often to get cramped. So, installing some space-saving element is well-recommended. Bathroom shelf wouldn’t bother the space you have on the floor. The floor is gonna be safe, and the wall will be more decorated.

The wood pallet color doesn’t have to be brown and rustic, you can color it with pale blue color like this that one in the picture.

6. Wood Crate Shelving for Bathroom

credit picture by victoryshop

It’s another budget-friendly option you can go with. You can buy this inexpensive crates from the craft store and painted it as you want. Put them all on the walls to give space for bathroom’s storage.

Those small crates have functional and decorative use to complete your bathroom design.

7. Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Beauty Products

credit picture by sobheparan

On the vanity, the needs of storage may seem to be so essential. The space between sink and mirror is perfect for this narrow storage. You can organize the beauty products that are often messed-up all over the vanity counter.

The beauty products like perfume, powder, face scrub, mouthwash, and so on, will fill all the tiny compartments available.

8. Tiny Shelf Behind Cabinet Door

credit picture by miamirealestatesearch

A space behind cabinet door is one of the spots in a house which is often ignored. For a large house, that space must be forgotten because there is still more space to explore. But, when your house is limited in space, you’ll be looking for the more possible sport to be filled.

You can use the cabinet doors to install a tiny shelf for storing your shampoos, nail polish, body washes, and other bathroom items.

9. Tall Towel Storages for Bathroom

credit picture by icavid

Above all, this is a space-saving small bathroom storage ideas that you can have in your own bathroom. Store your towel neatly and cleanly with this storage concept. All of the towels would be well-organized.

For the smaller towels and other stuff, there’re some thin baskets to support in holding them all steady.

10. Wood Pallet Organizer for Bathroom

credit picture by etfaeiran

You can make the whole elements on your bathroom are using wooden pallet as the main material. For instance, wood framed mirror, wooden vanity table, wood stool, and that boxy shelf. 

In this viewpoint, all the wood elements are attached to the bathroom’s gray tiles will create an amazing contrast between them.

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11. Bathroom’s Towel Rack Hanger

credit picture by plussizegoodies

The taste of rustic is expressed right from the wood’s texture. It’s even got supported by the purple grass and other accessories on the shelf. That thin self is there just to add decoration to this hanger.

In other words, this towel rack hanger worked pretty great. You can have it as small bathroom storage ideas.

12. Triangle Shelf for Bathroom Wall

credit picture by realestate

It’s one of the most unique small bathroom storage ideas you can choose to apply. Because of its small or tiny size, this shelf plan would definitely invite a lot of people’s attention.

It can only be used as storage for small stuff like toilet papers, and some beauty products you use often.

13. Thin Ladder Wood Pallet for Towel Hangers

credit picture by realestate

It’s maybe easy to get the towel storage neat and clean by folding all the towels. But sometimes in a bathroom, you need to hang the towel after you use it. The used towel needs to be properly accommodated. With this ladder, you could hang them all.

The contrasting look between the wood pallet decor and white bathroom is so stunning.

14. Bathroom Decor with Artificial Plants

credit picture by designlisticle

Artificial plants are suitable for a bathroom because it would never get withered. You don’t have to take care about that plants every day, it’s still gonna be looking healthy. The thin corner small bathroom storage ideas are perfect for your bathroom’s apartment.

Because the size of a bathroom in apartment tends to be small or tiny, that’s why this kind of tower shelf is what this bathroom needs.

15. Small Bathroom Racking Pallet

credit picture by pinterst

A bathroom racking which is made of the wood pallet is a great option to add into the bathroom. Just put it beside the toilet and fill it with toilet paper, and magazines to read while you are using the toilet. So, the toilet activity will be so much comfortable.

16. Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet

credit picture by rhyme

The narrow space in a bathroom might be a problem for some people. So, they would decide to not put any more addition on the wall.

You can still add a decorative element to your narrow toilet space. A shelf over the toilet obviously offers an outstanding spot to organize your bathroom supporting items.

17. Bathtub Ends Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

credit picture by duletatic

What happens to the bathtub is pretty much the same as the toilet. Toilet has an empty space left above it. For the bathtub, there will be an empty space on the end of the bathtub. It’s because most of the time the bathtub size doesn’t perfectly fit the nook of the bathroom.

At the end of the bathtub, you may add wood pallet decoration. It adds character and interest to your relaxing area.

18. IKEA Bathroom Decor for Beauty Products

credit picture by osgoodie

Check out this IKEA spice racks that would support your DIY project. This kind of racks can make an awesome set of shelves that you can fill with boxes or bottles of your beauty products to support the makeup activity in front of the vanity.

Paint the shelves with white paint and attach them all on the black wall as the background to set a stunning contrast.

19. DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelves for Bathroom

credit picture by cris2016

This is one unique type of hanging shelf which you can hand on the towel hanger. Therefore, you don’t need to screw it to your wall to attach it. You just have to hang it anywhere possible. In this picture, the towel hanger does the work.

From flowers to toilet paper, you can fill the shelf with almost anything possible, just be reasonable with it.

20. Floating Display Case for Bathroom

credit picture by mryo.info

The simple floating case is suitable for small bathroom storage ideas for you. It’s an accommodative case that can display your accessories, decorative plants, and bathroom supply. This simple and light shelf add the best effect above the toilet.

In other words, the wood pallet are indeed a nice material to make this kind of display case. Your white bathroom looks more rustically beautiful.

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21. A Vanity Full of Shelves

credit picture by artcrazyhome

The combination of white and light brown is a great accentuating couple for the bathroom. The touch of nature from the wood makes the white clean bathroom more alive. There are many shelves available for your supply.

Add decorative plants or accessories on some of the shelves in order to create exciting sight around the vanity.

22. Wood Pallet Storage Under Pedestal Sink

credit picture by homedesign

For a small bathroom, making use of every space possible is a must. One of the spots you could add with storage elements is under the pedestal sink. This space is often left out. So, adding a little cabinet could be the clever small bathroom storage ideas.

Any bathroom supplies would be safe under the sink and away from sight. You will have a neat and clean bathroom which won’t have messiness.

23. Corner Bathroom Wall Shelf Ideas

credit picture by dreamascream

It’s one of the small bathroom storage ideas you can fill in your bathroom corner. Don’t let any space left out inside your small bathroom. Make any space more useful with functional furniture like this one.

Using most wooden as the main material, this corner shelf ignites the sense of classic yet elegant style in your beige bathroom. In addition, you can use bamboo for alternative material.

24. Single Wood Shelf for Bathroom

credit picture by madelocalmarkets

This single shelf can be used as a floating vanity table. Just add a mirror above the shelf and there you have it, a vanity set without a sink. After that, you can apply your makeup in front of this minimalist set of vanity.

25. Basket Compartments as Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

credit picture by madelocalmarkets

Feel not excited to take a bath? You can add rustic and chic style to your crisp white bathroom and make it great again. The taste of traditional Asian accent offers an amazing contrast. After that, you will find your bathroom wall can never be boring anymore.

In addition, you can use traditional wicker baskets, this is suitable to be filled with all your bathroom items.

26. Delightful Rustic Pallet Shelf

credit picture by nobailout

A warehouse wood shelf is quite popular lately. This is a very flexible element that you can apply to the walls of every room in the house including the bathroom. Very useful for holding your beauty equipment. You don’t need to install it by attaching it to the wall with nails or screws, but you can hang it with two hooks.

27. Simple Bathroom Ladder Shelf

credit picture by memme.website

Actually, you don’t need a storage cabinet in order to put your bathroom items. An open shelf like this would set the mood of the bathroom more alive and decorative. Because it’s open, you need to keep it clean and neat.

28. Bathroom Towel Rack Pipes

credit picture by racer

If you want to add industrial style to your bathroom, this one is probably a great choice. You can make it by combining of metal pipes and reclaimed wood planks for the shelf. After that, you can hang it wherever you like. This towel hanger and shelf combination would be very useful for any types of bathroom.

29. Bathtub Side Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

credit picture by culicoides

Another cool bathroom storage ideas, it’s a brilliant idea to save some space. In the middle of the white bathroom, there’s one little black shelf on the floor. It a simple thin shelf that can definitely catch attention.

30. Traditional Shelf for Cottage Bathroom

credit picture by etsy

A reclaimed wood adds outstanding character to a bathroom. But, the impressive look of the wood pallet from the shelf won’t be maximized when placed in the middle of a bathroom with similar character. So, it won’t give so many interests.

In Conclusion

After all those 30 small bathroom storage ideas, your small bathroom will have a more impressive character than you can ever imagine. Let’s prove it.

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