28 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home!

There’s a lot of rustic furniture available for you who want to add character and charm into your house. Some hardware store provides some types of rustic element that you can apply to your room. A rustic wall decor is not only for rustic style house. It’s pretty flexible actually.

You can hang on every empty wall on your house in order to make the wall more interesting. So, you can say no to a boring, plain, and empty wall. Here are some rustic wall decor ideas that will improve your room’s style.

1. Wooden Wall Art with Quotes

rustic wall decor

credit picture by treiso

The existence of quotes on the wall might be needed by many homeowners. It might affect the mood and feeling of them. So, applying a wall art filled with motivational or inspirational words could be important.

The name of this artistic wall art quote is pyrography art. It’s quite common in the home designing world. You could choose any words you like to be written on that distressed plank wood.

2. Country Wall Signs from Cutting Board

2 rustic wall decor

credit picture by treiso

A country wall art that’s designed for every kitchen in the world. It’s having the shape which is similar to the cutting board which is the essential item of a kitchen. Filled with inspiring words, making this signs more impressive.

As you can see in the picture, those three signs are packed. So, they all need to hang together side by side.

3. Oversized Rustic Clock to Decor Wall

3 rustic wall decor

credit picture by etsy

An oversized decorative item might be a good solution to fill your empty wall. It would definitely take over most of the space on the wall. The farmhouse style of this big clock seems to dominate the whole atmosphere. Be careful with that.

4. Rustic Windmill on Wood Base

4 rustic wall decor

credit picture americanartdecor

This interesting windmill decor looks rustically stunning in the middle of your living room wall. You have to be clever to decide where to hang this rustic wall decor. On the wood slat wall, this wall art would look so fantastic.

Among all the elements you see in the picture, the metal windmill is the only one that expresses rustic charm. The size of this wall art is pretty small. So, it will be easy to get unseen. You have to be careful to decide which is the right spot to hang it.

5. Wreath Home Sign with Shiplap Frame

5 rustic wall decor

credit picture by mllehannahbelle

This medium-sized shiplap sign can be a nice Christmas decor idea for your wall. The effect of festivity that’s brought by the wreath decor is very special. So, framing it with rustic frame increases the value of this decor.

Whether the wreath is artificial or real, the festive looks would never change. When the winter comes, be ready to prepare this outstanding decor.

6. Rustic Wall Shelf for Decoration

credit picture by designlisticle

Adding a simple double shelve on the wall would help you fill the wall with decorative accessories. The word “Eat” is a nice addition in the middle of the decoration as the main attraction. I guess this decorative setup is perfect to be placed on a kitchen wall right above the counter.

7. Romantic Wall Decor with Rustic Character

credit picture by unalansusam

White painted mason jars are surprisingly perfect to be the flower pots. Those beautiful white flowers are suited perfectly with the jars that hand on the metal hook attached with the rustic wood base.

Those three elements combined results an incredibly romantic sight on the wall. Have the wall painted with crisp white makes the decoration has more character than ever.

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8. Creative Idea to Hang Family Picture on The Wall

credit picture by benishop

An elegant and luxurious design of farmhouse decor for your empty wall in a living room or bedroom. The combination of wall art quotes and framed photographs would never be any better than this one.

The elegance of this farmhouse-style decor appearance seems so appealing. It makes your empty wall has a life again.

9. Distressed Painting on Arrow Decors

credit picture by etsy

If you are looking for a manly decor, an arrow image could be a reasonable choice. As you can see, the distressed painting itself makes the manly style become so clear.

The purpose of distressed painting on the wooden arrows is too express the look of rustic to manage the decor to stay in style.

10. Rustic Wood Panel as Fruits Organizer

credit picture by futuristarchitecture

There’s no limitation to choose what you can put in your kitchen. You can have almost any possible supportive elements to your kitchen as long as it doesn’t disturb the efficiency and effectiveness of the kitchen flow.

This organizer, for example, would be really supportive of your kitchen activity to organize your food and fruit supply.

11. Small Bathroom Hanging Shelf

credit picture by roomaniac

A hanging shelf which is hung over the toilet is quite common for a small bathroom. It is because of the limitation of space, that’s why a homeowner needs to manage a minimum element and decoration for the small bathroom.

The narrow space of the wall won’t be a boundary to serve a functional decoration to your bathroom.

12. Cotton and Lavender Pallet Wall Decor

credit picture by futuristarchitecture

A creative combination of cotton and lavender to make such a good looking decoration for your wall. As you can see, the rustic wood pallet emphasize the style of this wall art. The farmhouse style is the only charm that this wall art has.

The stripes ribbon that ties them together increases the interests of this decorative art.

13. Entry Way Coat Rack Wood Pallet

credit picture by neatspotless

Wood pallet seems to be a suitable material for almost any place in a house including the very first space you step foot on when you’re entering a house.

A coat rack in the entryway is one essential supportive elements of the house. The guests would feel welcome when they are served with friendly organizer for their stuff like the coat, bags, scarf, etc.

14. Trending Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen

credit picture by aweshomey

This is one unique rustic wall decor for your kitchen. Get your kitchen wall full of sight with this set of wall decor.

With a rustic wood in gray and cream color, you can create an impressive sight to set an energetic atmosphere for the kitchen. The word “farm” for this wall decor seems to be at its best place.

15. Large Stunning College Wall Art

credit picture by kendratheescapologist

This rustic wall decor is so inspirational. You can create it easy just by using some unused planks from your warehouse or backyard.

Make the rustic wood planks as the base of this huge college wall art. Attach the rustic base with black-and-white framed photos to add personal taste right on the wall of your living room.

16. Wall Base Wooden Hanging with Mirror

credit picture by freshouz

This living room style is accentuated with rustic wood texture. As you can see, it has a rustic coffee table in the middle of an elegant couch with neutral color domination. The rustic wooden hanging above the couch is there to balance the accent.

17. Industrial Wall Decor for Laundry Room

credit picture by sudaak

This cool industrial wall decor is designed just for the laundry room. All of the wall decor element in this picture is really useful because it’s placed in a laundry room. The word “laundry” on the rustic wood is pretty much identified the name of the room.

The industrial items in this laundry room wall decor are pretty much dominant. The taste of rustic is still looking great and it’s very useful too.

18. Wooden Arrow as Wall Art

credit picture by openall

The traditional look of an arrow may come from the historical story behind it. Arrows once used as a weapon in a war traditionally, but now besides sports purposes, you can use arrow image to decor your wall. The traditional rustic wall decor is complete because of the arrow shape.

19. Dark Distressed Wood Wall Art

credit picture by 5qg9ibt1a6

It’s a contemporary wall art decor which has an amazing rustic charm with its dark color. Some designers would avoid using dark wood for rustic wall decor but this time is different.

The rustic wood wall art uses the dark color to match with the black furniture that’s placed all over the room with the white wall, ceiling, flooring, and curtain.

20. Tiny Wood Decor that Says Hello

credit picture by 302woodworks

It’s a sweet rustic decor that can greet you everytime you pass by the shelf. The word “hello” seems to be very friendly to anyone. A white colored word on a dark wood pallet create a contrasting sight. That’s what makes this simple word so impressive.

The fact that it’s so small in size, it won’t make a major impact on your room’s decoration.

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21. Artistic Wooden Stars for Wall Decor

credit picture by whitehouse51

This artistic decoration is designed by Colorado Rustics company which is well-known its amazing decorative products. The design of these stars is one of a kind, you may not find this in many houses. The sense of rustic in this wall art is not strong but it’s still a nice rustic wall decor to have.

22. Wooden Country Map on The Wall

credit picture by amazon

If you are a USA citizen, this map decor on your wall would increase your sense of patriotic in your soul. It would definitely show your personal identity to the visitor. What’s so good about this USE Map Wall Art is the wood combination which is very attractive

23. Recycled Wooden Deer Head

credit picture by therusticpelican

A wall hanging deer head is the identity of a country home. Most country home style has this kind of wall art on the wall. This time it’s not a preserved or artificial deer head, it’s a recycled pile of woods which is formed to look like a deer head. To build this, you need to have an artistic skill.

24. Wood Hanging Metal Wall Planter

credit picture by send-for

Another rustic wall decor with the planter, the choice of metal material for the planter emphasizes the rustic character you want to apply on this wall. The planter offers a touch of nature for your wall. That black wooden base with steel hook seems suitable to let the planters shines better.

25. LOVE Pallet Art for Wall Decor

credit picture by decoracion.facilisimo

This is a romantic, rustic wall decor for your plain wall. The word “LOVE” is the main event of this decoration. The Valentine theme of this wall art seems to make an interesting addition for your bedroom’s wall.

The arrangement of the letter seems to look ordinary because it’s often used by an artisan to create a lot of wooden wall art. But, that yellow art design and rustic wooden base could be the reason to hang this on the wall.

26. Wall Shelf from Wood Crates

credit picture by svenngaarden

In my opinion, choosing wood crates to decorate white wall is an extreme thing to do. Why” because the dirty rustic look of the users create would ruin the clean look of the wall. You have to make some consideration before having wood crates to be hanging on your wall.

27. Scrabble Wall Art Ideas

credit picture by ethioxpedition

It’s a fantastic idea to make the wall more playful. Even though you can’t actually play them, but if you are a fan of this enjoyable board game, you will be happy to put it on the wall.

In the picture, the words that are used to arrange the scrabble are the names of the family members. You can take this as an example and put your family name on the wall.

28. Kitchen Wall Art with Classic Style

credit picture by theartssection

The distressed images of spoon, fork, and knife let people identify the perfect location to hang this wall art. If you can see the detail, the theme of this art is a postcard. The images of spoon, fork, and knife are applied on the vintage postcard.

This rustic wall decor is visually pleasing for the kitchen. Make your kitchen wall joyful to watch. Also, make sure that you don’t apply to many things on the wall.


To conclude, those 28 rustic wall decor designs are enough to let you know that the rustic beauty of wood planks or wood pallet could make your wall more interesting than ever. There are also other rustic materials that are available as an alternative choice.

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