24 Pallet Garden Ideas For Impressive Garden Areas

Some people refuse to have a decorative garden stuff for their garden areas because of the budget they have. A repurpose wood pallet from one of below pallet garden ideas can be a great solution to make your garden area more interesting than before.

You can find wood pallets from a small independent garden and store for hardware. Sometimes, wood pallets are thrown away from the stores that frequently ship large items. If you already found the suitable pallets for your garden area, you may start to look for some ideas to apply.

1. Back Deck Herbs Pallet Garden

pallet garden ideas

credit picture by trendhmdcr

It’s one of the simplest pallet herb gardens you can put in your area. This vertical herb planter would make an outstanding addition to fulfill your garden area. It’s obviously easy to make, it only takes about a few hours.

If you already have the wood pallet pre-cut, you may spend less time to build this vertical planter. It’s perfect for you who love the taste of fresh herb right from your garden. This back deck herbs planter is removable which you could easily remove the shelf you didn’t need.

2. Incredible Tower Pallet Garden

credit picture by treiso.info

This is one vertical garden for your backyard which is basically just a stack of pallets on top of one another. So, it’s obviously possible to build on your own. You just need to create a tower of wood pallets first, as the base. Then, you can fill all the space available with the grow baskets.

You could easily give the treatment that the plant need from the grow basket. This kind of tower in the middle of the garden area would offer more character to the spot without even bother giving a lot of investment.

3. Chalkboard Pallet Garden for Herbs

credit picture by cpgreek

Labeling the herbs with chalk is really clever. You can easily acknowledge the herbs you will take care of, every day. People who see this herb garden would immediately know what’s the name of the herb they see.

It’s one of the most interesting pallet garden ideas, thanks to the chalkboard. The chalkboard can also be used as a personal label when you have this pallet garden used by some people. So, other people won’t bother to take care the herbs they don’t own.

4. Wood Pallet Garden House

credit picture by treiso.info

This is one great option for your garden if you have a dog. This mini house of wood pallet garden ideas could be an exciting playhouse for your dog. You can even hang out with your dog in this house while you are taking care of your garden.

The herb garden on the roof is a clever way to save some space on the floor. It’s also hidden away from the sight. But, you are gonna need a ladder to reach your plants.

5. Racked N’ Stacked Wood Pallet Garden

credit picture by decorewarding

This is a very simple idea from Pallet Wood Project website that you can easily apply in your DIY project. In making this planter, you don’t need any building you just need to take some pallets you are already constructed to be in four squares with various sizes.

It’s gonna be a great pallet garden that you can fill with flowers, herbs, berries, and many more. It might look easy and so simple, but it would make everybody smile when the plants bloom.

6. Wood Pallet Cabinet for Garden Items

credit picture by linktrends

In this idea, we don’t talk about the planter, it’s about the storage to support the garden. Taking care of a garden would require a lot of equipment and items. All of them are related and supportive to each other. People will need to have a storage or cabinet to keep them all.

Well, this wood pallet furniture might be a great solution. All of the pots, boots, gloves, equipment, and others should be kept in one place. So, you won’t be having a problem to find anything you need for the garden.

7. Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Garden

credit picture by hodestudio

As you can see, it uses a clean or non-rustic wood pallet that holds the terra cotta planters. Every space of this planter has already been labeled with herb names. Even though you can just plant anything you want, but the name seems to tell us what to plant.

There is six option of herbs you can have in this vertical herb garden. They are parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, sweet mint, and basil. All of them would be very useful to complete your cooking spices to make it more healthy.

8. Pallet Garden Benches for Landscaping

credit picture by pigonthestreet

If you have more spaces in your outdoor garden, this one might be a great choice. If you are very serious about taking care of your garden, this large size of pallet garden ideas would support your gardening passion.

You can have each large bench filled with any plants you want such as flowers, and other decorative plants.

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9. Vegetable Greenhouse Garden with Pallets

credit picture by hoteltraian

The using of pallets in this greenhouse concept is to support the base. This veggies greenhouse is the next level of gardening. If you want to be total to plant some vegetables you can eat, this is a good start.

This mini greenhouse is specially designed for the home garden. Whether you live in a town or city, this a clever way to begin your obsession with gardening.

10. Wood Pallet Garden Ideas for Decorative Grass

credit picture by tavernierspa

Some type of plants it looked like a wild plant when it’s actually a decorative plant. As you can see, the green domination of this grass is looking more interesting with the addition of color from the flowers when it blooms.

One of the pleasing features of this pallet garden is its portability. It’s attached with four wheels that gets you easy to move this pallet garden anywhere you want.

11. Wooden Drawers for Pallet Garden

credit picture by notforidiots

Looking like three stairs of the garden that are ready to take control of your plants. You can make sure you plant is safe from ruining its surrounding or got ruined by its surrounding with this protective wooden drawers.

With a few measurement and sawing, you’ll get it three spaces to be ready to get planted. It’s perfect to plant flowers or other kinds of decorative plants.

12. Beautiful Rustic Herbs Planter for Patio

credit picture by secureidm

If you don’t have any space to create a large garden area, you can make use of your patio. It offers a nice corner spot to put your herbs planter. As you can see, this rustic wood pallet makes a remarkable addition to the patio.

It makes the patio a lot more interesting than before. Put any herbs you’d like to plant and take care of them every day.

13. Bookcase Pallet Garden Ideas

credit picture by cprcalahorra

At first, you may think that these pallet gardens are some repurposed bookcases but it’s not. It’s actually designed that way in order to give an appropriate space for the flowers. It’s nicely reclaimed and it throws away the sense of rustic.

Even though a pallet garden tends to be placed outdoors, you can actually put this wooden pallet bookcase design inside the house. It will give you a sense of nature’s color.

14. Cottage Pallet Garden Concept

credit picture by hedar.info

This is a large form of pallet garden ideas. Designed in a form of the cottage, you will have a feeling of surrounded by plants inside the cottage.. It’s got no roof cover which allows the light of the sun gets inside the cottage.

The same thing would happen to the rain. When the raindrops all of the plants would have their time of watering in nature’s way.

15. Ideal Organization for Vegetable Garden

credit picture by halo3screenshots

This appealing and effective organization of garden should be applied in every house, especially the owner has the same passion for gardening. The small size of the yard doesn’t mean anything if you know the effective way to organize it.

With the use of many wood pallets, this can be called as wood pallet garden ideas for your front or backyard. You can make your garden full of healthy vegetable all you want, even you are living in the heart of the busy city.

16. Multi-functional Bench for Garden

credit picture by snodda

It’s the functional pallet garden ideas you can easily build using wood pallets. It’s a perfect seating you can put near the garden. You can enjoy your relaxing time in your garden while you are taking a rest from gardening.

It can be a true garden bench without the plants. So, the bench is also surrounded by some decorative plants to make it have more value.

17. Mini Bar of Pots as Pallet Garden

credit picture by currentdata

The structure of this wood pallet mini bar is very creative. As you can see, this pallet garden actually consists of some pallets connected into one. It’s the proper place to place your pots of plants. Instead of on the floor, to be placed on the pallet counter might increase the value of those pots.

One thing you need to know that having this pallet mini bar or counter to accommodate all of the pots would make the space very limited compared to the floor surface.

18. Corner Garden Ideas for Tiny Space

credit picture by butchcactus

This small corner garden was designed by an offbeat home company which emphasizes the saying that says “every inch of space should be useful”. So, making the most of your corner space is a must for a tiny or small house.

The limited space wouldn’t gonna be a big problem for a creative person. Using triangle planters that you can buy from the store, your corner would never be left empty anymore.

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19. Spiral Raised Bed Pallet Garden

credit picture by realproperty

It’s one of the most unique ideas in this list. A raised spiral garden could hype up your garden. If you plant it properly, this spiral pallet garden could give an outstanding look to your garden area. It doesn’t require a special lumbering skill to build this. You just need piles of wood and arrange them.

Make sure the arrangement is in a form of spiral, just like you see in the picture now. This gorgeous idea of gardening is practical and mystical.

20. Keyhole Design Pallet Garden Ideas

credit picture by comitequartiersaintpierreamiens

A keyhole garden is still uncommon in the world of the garden. Well, this must be the one of a kind design you can have for your garden area. The unique charm could give an extraordinary impression to the sight of the whole area.

This concept is not just about the beauty and uniqueness, it’s also for the mobility around the garden. There’s a little gap between each fence, so it would be easier to explore the whole area of the garden to take care of the plants.

21. Wood Pallet Gardening Bench

credit picture by en.eyeni

A gardening bench is a must-have element for your garden. Without a gardening bench or storage for your gardening stuff, the garden area can’t be called as a complete one. The material for building this bench is easy to get.

For instance, Just gather all the old woods you have and make it ready to be transformed into something more useful.

22. Colorful Hanging Pallet Garden Ideas

credit picture by mytechref

Instead of having an ordinary type of pallet garden, why don’t just having it as a decoration on the wall. You can play with the color you like to add accents to the plain gray concrete. This wonderful pallet garden project is perfect for your DIY project.

23. Large Pallet Garden Fence

credit picture by jjay.club

This is probably the easiest way to have some pallet garden ideas applied in your backyard. Just have some wood pallet fences and hang some potted plants. It’s enough to add interest to your backyard or patio area.

24. Indoor Pallet Garden Ideas

credit picture by vetsagainstdeal

Take a look at this wood pallet garden, it’s located inside the room which probably designed to be that way. Well, If you have a small glasshouse or hothouse, this wood pallet must be the pallet garden you have to accommodate your green plants.

The clean and simple design makes this pallet garden is best to be placed indoor.

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In Conclusion

Taking care of the plants in your garden requires consistency. It should also be supported by the complete equipment and effective concept of the garden. Those pallet garden ideas must be very helpful for you to decide your garden organization and supports.

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