15 DIY Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Tips!

Having a wood bathroom vanity in your bathroom would improve the sense of traditional and natural. There are so many vanity designs you can have for your bathroom. Using wood as the main material could add a stunning character inside the bathroom.

The bathroom is not just a place for taking a bath or shower. It’s room to relax and unwind to complete your day. With the wooden furniture, you can achieve a farmhouse, rustic, and vintage look.

The Furniture that Makes a Great Bathroom Vanity

Doing the renovation for the bathroom is so expensive. You may have to prepare a big budget to make your bathroom great again. That includes remodeling your bathroom vanity. If you want to save a budget, why don’t you just have a repurposed furniture for your vanity?

There are some pieces of furniture that are perfect for a bathroom vanity. Here are 10 pieces you can turn into a beautiful bathroom vanity.

  • Blueprint, art or map cabinet. These pieces of furniture have shallow drawers stacked to be used to store some flat documents and papers. The countertop is wide enough for two sinks. So, you’re gonna need some customization.

  • Antique Bureau. It’s kind of an old desk which is usually used to work in an office.

  • Student Desk. This is a simple furniture to turn into a bathroom vanity which has three drawers and a counter.

  • Filing Cabinet. This is a kind of cabinet that has plentiful storage.

  • Stylish Credenza. It’s a type of buffet or sideboard that has a long and low shape that’s often found in the living room or dining room.

  • Midcentury Sideboard. It’s strongly influenced that look of vanity.

  • Buffet. It’s got a detailed hardware that has many drawers and doors

  • Console. It’s originally designed to be placed against the wall. That’s why it’s perfect for a vanity.

  • Altar or Hall table. This small Chinese table is great for simple vanity

  • Sewing Table. This table offers an outstanding vintage look for your bathroom.

With those pieces of furniture, you can have a unique and stylish design of a bathroom vanity. You don’t have to waste a lot of money to buy a bathroom vanity, just use your old furniture.

1. Dated Oak Wood Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by babstv

Update your bathroom with a dated bathroom vanity. It might sound weird but it actually offers some kind of new character to your bathroom. The size of the bathroom is usually small. That makes a bathroom a great place to add a pop of color.

You don’t have to commit a new color scheme to the whole house when you dealing with bathroom. The distressed turquoise chalk paint emphasizes the rustic transformation of this vanity that you can have for your bathroom. You can leave the rest of the bathroom in contemporary.

2. Bathroom Vanity Wood Crate

credit picture by avcreativa

This small DIY bathroom vanity is designed to fulfill your need for a farmhouse furniture. Using wood crate as the main material of a vanity is a great way to add character into the white bathroom. The sense of nature spreads all over the bathroom with this vanity.

You can just attach a bowl of sink on top of the vanity table and add a little pot of plant to make a natural atmosphere stronger. This small vanity has no drawer or cabinet, but there is some open space you can use to keep your bathroom stuff.

3. Rustic Modern Bathroom Vanity

wood bathroom vanity

credit picture by cdn.home-designing

In a smooth white bathroom, a wooden element would be a center of attention especially if there’s only one wooden element in the room. As you can see, this floating wood bathroom vanity makes a great statement inside this white-tiled bathroom.

The contrast between modern and rustic style looks stunning. There are some other cool elements you can see in this bathroom which supports the natural wood accent from the vanity.

4. Rustic Vanity with Shades of Blue

credit picture by krushnasevasamithi

Even though the size is small and narrow, but this rustic bathroom vanity still shows its charm. It accentuates the white bathroom that has wood paneling wall. The vintage frame of the mirror supports the rustic vanity and make it complete.

It’s got two cabinet doors and turned legs. It has some storage options to keep your stuff. One of them is the lower shelf space with a woven basket. Add a beautiful floor on the sink to give an extra scene of beauty.

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5. Large Wood Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by Pinterest

If your bathroom is pretty large, you can use a large-sized bathroom vanity like this one. This barn style vanity has tons of cabinets and drawers. The design is pretty simple. You can use the ideas to be your DIY project.

The aged wood material strengthens the rustic atmosphere you spread around this modern bathroom. There’s a white-tiled backsplash that adds texture to the wall. A round-shaped frameless mirror is used to support the focus on the design of vanity.

6. Cherry Wood Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by jeaniuskreations

A cherry wood is a classic wood from America that has a subtle red hue which deepens with age. This is usually used in everything from pianos to butcher blocks. This time is designed for a bathroom vanity. So, you could have a strong quality of wood for your vanity.

This cherry wood vanity is a recycled or repurposed piece of furniture. It would surely add chic and interesting charm into the bathroom. You can create an instant focal point just by adding this bathroom vanity.

7. Masculine Bathroom with Wood Vanity

credit picture by cdn.home-designing

For a bathroom that looks masculine or manly, a wooden vanity might come in handy. This table has a simple structure that can make a good impact to the whole room. As you can see, any kinds of furniture made of wood can work amazingly in any room.

This vanity seems like it doesn’t have a feature for storage. But, the storage feature is actually invisible. The black accent around the vanity is not just an accent, it’s a handle to pull out your drawers.

8. Large Vanity with Plenty of Drawers

credit picture by remontbp

if you think that a vanity should have a lot of storage, then you need to add this to your bathroom. Attached with a large wall-sized mirror, the small bathroom looks more spacious. The rustic element is making a quite domination among others.

As you can see, there’s a small part of the rustic bricked wall near the bathtub to match with the style of the dark wood bathroom vanity.

9. Old Antique Desk as Vanity

credit picture by 2.bp.blogspot

This kind of furniture is usually reserved for seated work. You can adapt it as a bathroom vanity. It has a sturdy bureau design that looks quite antique. This small white bathroom plays an essential role to make the vanity stunning.

A black granite countertop is added to make it as a complete bathroom vanity. It’s packed with an interesting mirror that goes well with the bureau look.

10. Antique Buffet Wood Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by kvartblog.ru

An outstanding antique design can work well in the bathroom. This bathroom seems to be ready to amaze anyone with its unique wall design. There’s no other bathroom like this artistic bathroom. All over the wall is filled with old newspaper pieces.

In fact, it’s not the actual newspaper which is glued to be stuck on the wall. It’s the pattern design of the tile. Pairing that interesting wall with midcentury vanity design can be a little bit misplaced. But, thanks to the matching wood flooring.

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11. Sewing Table Bathroom Vanity Design

credit picture by womensshelterofhope

This kind of table is originally from the late 1700s. It was used for needlework way before the invention of the sewing machine. Now, you can use this sewing table as a vanity. You can actually add the old sewing machine under the table in order to add a decorative touch.

It’s attached with a white vessel sink that goes well with the vintage design of the machine. As you can see, the whole side of the bathroom from the ceiling to the floor use one color tone for the tile. That’s a privilege to make the small sewing table as a focal point.

12. Altar Bathroom Vanity Design

credit picture by cdn.onekindesign

An altar or hall table can be a great option to be in a bathroom. If you think a bathroom vanity that has storage is not good enough for your bathroom style. You may wanna have an alter table like this one.

Originally, it comes from China and it’s repurposed to be a simple bathroom vanity. A square sink sits on the middle top of the surface that looks really suitable with the woodwork shape and pattern detail.

13. School Desk Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by archzine.fr

Honestly, It’s quite surprising that a school desk can be a great bathroom vanity. It might sound ridiculous but look at that desk. It suits amazingly with the atmosphere of this white room. The bathroom also has a wooden flooring that its color match.

The size of the school desk is so friendly with the size of this small bathroom. It doesn’t take much space on the floor. The dark countertop seems to be out of place but it’s there to accentuate the whole atmosphere.

14. Elegant Wood Bathroom Vanity

credit picture by st.hzcdn.com

Using wood as the main material of a bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be rustic, vintage, or farmhouse in style. It can be elegant too. This minimalist bathroom has enough power to shine the bathroom vanity design.

The natural color of the wood with a clean finish looks well-combined with the blue wall background. A minimalist style room doesn’t need a decoration on the wall. As long as it’s not functional, it’s not necessary.

15. Bathroom Vanity From Old Cabinet

credit picture by diyncrafts

This old cabinet has turned into an amazing bathroom vanity. The repurposing project is something you can rely on. You can find for your old furniture and turn it into something functional with another purpose. Then, the DIY repurposing project is ready to begin.

This project is relatively easy. You may need some basic woodworking skill to achieve this rustic bathroom vanity. Well, if you can’t find an old furniture to repurpose, you can easily find it on the thrift stores or flea markets. You will spend a few dollars on it, but it’s worth it.

Tips to Choose a Piece of Furniture for Vanity

Here are some tips you need to consider before choosing any furniture to be your wood bathroom vanity. You have to choose A Piece

  • That Fits Your Bathroom Size

It’s an obvious reason for adding a furniture. You have to consider the width and length of your piece. Make sure it won’t waste a lot of space in your bathroom.

  • That Suits The Style

Matching the style with the piece is quite important in order to make the room style in harmony.

  • That Has Storage Space

Any activities you do with the vanities may require some tools and equipment. Any vanity should own a space for storage.

  • That Has a Counter Space

A space on the countertop is not really important when you have a small vanity and only need a sink for the vanity. But, if you do a lot of things, the wider the counter the better.

  • That’s Waterproof

A waterproof feature is an important feature you need to have to any element of the bathroom. The wood material with waterproof quality is required for a bathroom.

  • That Considers The Hardware

Don’t forget about the hardware when designing a vanity. In order to achieve the cohesive look of the vanity, you need to tie the fixtures and faucet with the hardware you have for your vanity.

  • That Has a Perfect Measurement

Measuring is one essential step in designing and installing the bathroom vanity. I’m talking about the sink, the faucet, and the plumbing. All of them should be well connected with the right measurement.

In Conclusion

Overall, those 15 ideas of wood bathroom vanity are enough to inspire you to build your own bathroom vanity. You can add character to your bathroom using one of those ideas. There’s also some tips and recommendations to maximize your work.

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