25 Simple but Clever DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

If you have more space in your house, you can just probably build an extra closet to keep your shoes. But, when you have a smaller house, you will need other storage options to suits your house characteristic. Well, you have come to the right place. You don’t need a lot of budget and space to get your shoe collection well organized. Here are 25 Simple DIY Shoe Storage Designs which are all using wood as the main material.

1. DIY Shoe Rack for Kids

DIY Shoe Storage

credit picture by coronadohomes

You obviously know the reason why it’s designed for kids. It uses the concept of the wooden mini house. Every room is filled with kids shoes which adds colors to the mini house. It’s another way to give extra attention to the wall.

Even without the shoes, the mini house shoe rack would still be interesting because it has a minimalist charm you can enjoy. This interesting shoe rack tends to be found in nursery houses.

2. Simple DIY Chic Shoe Storage

credit picture by gabiret

This simple DIY shoe storage is designed in a form of a wooden ladder. It’s not a repurposed furniture, it’s a DIY storage that you can actually make from scratch. It offers a chic look to your minimalist house.

It helps you organize your shoe to prevent clutter and mess. This wooden ladder shoe storage is perfect for your entryway to keep the foyer from being cluttered.

3. Rustic Shoe Rack Design for Kids Room

credit picture by awanshop

Kids shoes sometimes need their own place. Because it would be a privilege for the kids to easily reach their shoes everytime they want. Place this rustic shoe storage in your kid’s room in order to provide them with the sense of belongings.

You may feel like a rustic style element doesn’t fit in children’s room. In order to avoid the uncomfortable look, you may need to pair that rack with the colorful element.

4. Wood Pallets DIY Shoe Rack

credit picture by theroomfansite

If you need a sort of attention in some part of your house, wood pallets element on the wall would be something to try. Using wood pallets as the main material of the shoe rack can be interesting. Besides it can help you with shoe organization, it also offers a powerful charm for decoration.

5. Vintage Crate as Shoe Rack

credit picture by trendehouse

Keeping the original design of the crates or pallets box for a storage placed inside the house might be a weird decision for some people.

If you are focusing on the sense of artistic, the rustic charm of this crates and pallets is remarkable. It would easily draw attention, especially most of the room are painted in white. With the splashes of colors from the shoes and boots, the piles of crates and pallets look so interesting.

6. Rolling Rectangular Shoe Storage for Mudroom

credit picture by housenliving

This rack is designed to organize the boots and shoes of yours and guests. The exciting feature you can have from this design is the wheels. With those wheels, you can move the rack whenever and wherever you need.

I guess having wheels for this shoe rack is not necessary if it stays in the mudroom. I guess the wheels can only be really helpful when you are cleaning the rack and its surrounding.

7. Colorful Wood Pallets for Shoe Storage

credit picture by brico

From the picture, we know that wood pallets are not only known by its rustic charm, but it can also be flexible too. Just look at those wood pallet. They come with various soft colors that look so impressive.

The painted wood pallets are attached all over the wall in the entryway. It gives a great first impression for the guests. It’s one of the genius DIY shoe storage ideas you can have for your shoe organization. The wood pallets are not just being a shoe store, it’s become the highlight of the house.

8. Ladder DIY Shoe Shelves

credit picture by madaconservation

In order to do this DIY project, you may need to buy a wooden ladder and five boards of wood. Then, you’ll be ready to start your project. It looks easy to make and it won’t ruin the style you already have in your house.

This is a great option for your shoe collection if you plan to display them. So, put some of the best ones from your shoe collection on the shelf. Get ready to make people amazed.

9. Industrial DIY Shoe Storage

credit picture by dekoruma

Some people are just crazy about adding industrial vibe into their interior design. Well, It doesn’t have to be in all elements of the house. Just have one element like shoe storage that has an industrial design. It would offer its own charm into the mix because it’s quite a flexible style.

As you can see, this DIY Shoe storage is pretty simple to make. To hold the wood boards, you need some steel materials which are the reason why it’s industrial.

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10. Elegant Shoe Racks for Living Room

credit picture by aliexpress

To make use of your corner space, place this elegant shoe rack there. This shoe rack would calmly sit there organizing your shoes. The stylish design makes it flexible enough to be placed almost anywhere in the house. From entryway to the living room, you will realize how flexible it is.

This double shoe rack can be filled with up to 12 of adult shoes but there’s no space for the boots. On the top side, you can keep it clean from shoes, and filled with accessories or keys. It’s clearly a furniture that you can build on your own if you can get the right guide to make it.

11. Tower DIY Multi-Layer Shoe Rack

credit picture by southamptonartgallery

This tower shoe rack would rock your corner. If you have any left out a corner in your room, you need to consider to fill it with this tower rack. It’s really space-saving and it can be filled with up to fourteen pairs of shoes.

On top of the rack, there’s a drawer. It would be so useful to keep other accessories related to shoes, such as socks. You can also use the drawer to store keys.

12. Wooden Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

credit picture by Pinterest

Another DIY idea that is so friendly to the limited space of your room, this vertical wall-mounted shoe rack. It’s a clever way to save some space in your room. You can just use the wall up high vertically.

You can display your shoes as you want and reach the highest shelves with the bench nearby. The rack consists of nine shelves that fit your shoe collection. If you need more shelves, I guess you can build more than one.

13. Partitioned Storage for Shoe

credit picture by 1stpvp

This rustic wooden shoe storage is designed for your little ones’ shoes or sandals. You can display the cute footwears for wall decoration. The wall would never feel left out because it’s powered by the charm of this vintage shoe rack.

This rustic wooden rack is actually made from a repurposed piece of furniture. Find your old vintage partitioned cabinet or cubbyholes and put your kids’ cute pair of shoes into each of the boxes.

14. Simple Shoe Rack from IKEA Shelves

credit picture by gunook

This concept is very clever and simple. It’s made of two IKEA shelves that you can buy from its store. It’s originally designed for shoes but you can organize your shoes just like the ones in the picture. You can copy the concept and make your own IKEA shelves with the wood planks. It would decrease your budget spending to have this simple shelves.

15. DIY Shoe Storage Rack Under The Bed

credit picture by Pinterest

If you have no space left to organize your shoes, there’s actually one space you can use to store your stuff. You need to use the space under the storage. This is probably the best solution you can have in mind to keep plenty of your shoe collection.

Install four set of shoe racks at the end of space below the bed, just like the one you see in the picture. It’s obviously not only for shoes, but you can also keep your other stuff like books, sandals, and so on.

16. Easy Stacked Wood Pallets for Shoe Storage

credit picture by jenwoodhouse

Building a storage has never been so easy with this concept. This DIY project is so simple. You just need a bunch of non-rustic pallets, ten pallets to be exact, and stack them together in one spot of the room.

You can arrange the position of the pallets based on the size of your shoes and boots. As you can see, for the boots the pallets are placed vertically to be suitable. You can put your bags and purses on top of the pallets arrangement.

17. Red Wooden Shoe Rack

credit picture by medium

Colors can be very decisive in terms of home design. If you want to make an element to have a lot of attention, one thing you can do is to give it a strong color. Red is one of the strong colors you can rely on. As you can see, that red shoe rack will steal your attention anywhere it’s placed.

18. Rustic Wall-Mounted Shelves to Display Shoes

credit picture by spellmicael

This treatment for the shoe collection tends to be found in a clothing store. Who says that you can’t have it at home. It will be a really nice DIY Shoe storage project you can do in your spare time. You can stylishly display your collection of shoes.

19. DIY Hooks for Shoe or Boot Holder

credit picture by Pinterest

Keeping the shoes or boots upside down is recommended to avoid any strange stuff from getting inside the boots or shoes. With this simple treatment, your boots can only be kept upside down. This holder is specially designed for boots, but you can also use it for your shoes.

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20. DIY Shoe Rack for Entryway

credit picture by iisdenino.it

Entryway or mudroom seems to be the perfect area to have shoe rack. The shoe rack design for mudroom tends to be like the ordinary rack. A wall-mounted rack for shoes is quite uncommon for mudroom or entryway. But, it’s actually able to make your flooring free of clutter.

21. Shoe Storage on Closet Door

credit picture by Pinterest

When you have no space left in the closet but you need extra space for the shoe organizer, a door can be a solution. You can attach a shoe rack right on the inside part of the closet door. You can get all of the shoes well kept and organized. The shoe rack will be hidden away inside the closet.

22. Small DIY Wood Pallet Shoe Racks

credit picture by possibledecor

A limited space in your small house is not a reason why you can’t organize your shoes. With this small wood pallet shoe rack, you can store a lot of shoes you have at home. This small wooden shoe rack is designed to fit in a narrow space.

23. Multi-Functional Wood Pallet DIY Shoe Storage

credit picture by housenliving

It’s a smart idea for your shoe organization. It’s made of the wood pallet that’s not only used for shoes or heels, but also clothes, and purse hanger. With only one woodwork, you can organize all the things inside your closet.

24. Small Shoe Drawers Under The Bed

credit picture by laisumuam

A tiny space under the bed can sometimes be very useful for things like this. As you can see, you can just make some drawers with wheels to be filled with four pairs of shoes in each drawer.

25. Smart Corner Wood DIY Shoe Storage

credit picture by  rexdixon

A storage or rack for shoes doesn’t have to be in a form of ordinary furniture. These interesting shelves have a creative concept to hold your shoes perfectly. For a corner space, using it vertically seems to be the best way.

In Conclusion

So, what do you think about those 25 Simple DIY Shoe Storage Ideas? There must be one idea that attracts you. Choose one idea that you like.

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