20+ Creative Ideas for DIY Kitchen Cabinets Projects

Getting some DIY Kitchen Cabinets ideas for your kitchen design would probably get it more interesting in appearance and atmosphere. Using a wood pallet as the main material would definitely transform your cabinets. It’s not just about the function, it’s also about the decor.

For ordinary people, pallets are just another trash that needs to be thrown away as soon as possible in order to prevent the mess around the house. For creative and crafty people like you, pallets are great assets to make the house more rustically interesting.

People choose pallet as the main material of a furniture or decoration is because it’s a great free resource to build things in the low budget. In this article, we’ve covered about 22 DIY Kitchen Cabinets for you to get inspired with.

1. DIY Kitchen Cabinets Wood Wine Box

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

credit picture by lanzaroteya

This kitchen looks really fresh with the combination of natural green and crisp white. That combo really spices things up in this kitchen. On the floor, the designer chooses to apply checkered pattern with that color combo. That really improves the freshness of the atmosphere.

Psychologically, we all know that the color and design of a kitchen can’t affect the mood of the work. So, it’s important to pay attention to the color combination. As you can see, there’s another color in the middle of the green-white combo.

The whole kitchen cabinet is covered with wood wine box. It decides a great balance. Instead of having just green and white color which can be boring for some people, the wooden wine box cabinet have just make the kitchen more interesting for everyone.

2. Shabby Pallet Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by ilnostrosito

If you are looking for a clean chic style for your kitchen, there’re a lot of things you can try. One of them is choosing this shabby pallet cabinet as one element for your kitchen. It doesn’t take a lot of space on the wall but it does keep a lot of things in store.

Tips: If you choose to have a light-colored pallet cabinet attached on the wall of your kitchen, choosing a basic light color like white for the wall is a must. Because it would support the charm of your pallet kitchen cabinet’s look.

3. Fancy Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by smoothingit

Another type of wood pallet which suits your fancy kitchen is a rustic reclaimed wood like this one. As you can see, it fits perfectly with your fancy stove, right?

Some people just don’t need anything to decor the wall, they just want to leave it empty and minimal. As you can see, it results in a clean white wall to hype up the reclaimed wood’s texture.

4. Unique Barnwood Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by Pinterest

There’s nothing too rustic when dealing with wooden furniture. Take a look at this DIY Kitchen cabinets. We feel like it has more than enough rustic feeling that a kitchen needs. Obviously, the wood texture is designed to look rustic and old even though it’s not actually is.

But, it’s enough to improve the value of this luxurious kitchen. The granite countertop design of this kitchen looks very supportive to match the rustic cabinet. That’s what makes this barn wood kitchen cabinet unique.

5. Kitchen Cabinet with Pull-Out Drawer Under The Sink

credit picture by odeliabydesign

I’m going to admit it that it’s a brilliant concept for your kitchen especially if the space you have is limited. A space under the sink is always left-out because it’s not an ideal place for storage. Well, it’s now can be ideal for many of your stuff.

It’s definitely a DIY furniture because you can’t buy it from the store. It’s easy to make and it’s budget-friendly too. You just need to prepare the wood pieces and slides. Now, you are ready to create your own pull-out drawers.

6. DIY Kitchen Cabinets for Food Storage

credit picture by listitdallas

A stand-alone kitchen cabinet is actually a thing, lately. You don’t even have to install an ordinary cabinet for your kitchen, you can use a stand-alone pantry cabinet like this one. Or, it can also be an extra cabinet for your kitchen.

Wooden cabinet is just perfect to keep your food supply safe. Not all food can be kept inside the fridge. People use a pantry cabinet like this, instead. So, you can just call it a traditional refrigerator without a cold.

7. Well-Organized Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by jihanshanum

It’s a superb way to save spaces in the kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have more space to install another cabinet, this is another cool way to keep your food supply. The inside space of this cabinet has turned into a deposit for tea, coffee, spices, and other yummy stuff.

This is a great idea for your DIY project in order to turn your cabinet to be more well-organized. Who needs another cabinet?

8. DIY Cabinet Small Cabin Cottage Kitchen

credit picture by bajawebfest

It’s a kitchen full of logwood. It looks like this kitchen is totally made of two materials kinds of wood and nails. Well, it’s a good thing though. It makes this cabin cottage kitchen naturally traditional. If you want to get your kitchen to be truly natural. This is the best decoration that I can come up with.

Add some decors to spices things up. At the top of the upper cabinets, you can have them filled with plastic leaves to increase the natural look. Then, hang an antique light pendant to highlight the center.

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9. Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets to Maximize The Rustic Look

credit picture by loberon

If a wood pallet texture is not good enough for your kitchen’s charm, you can have a Scandinavian kitchen cabinet. Take a look at this stunning cabinet, it definitely suits your rustic minimalist kitchen design.

The combination of pale black and pale brown color of the whole cabinet set looks fantastic. It works nicely for your rustic and chic kitchen.

10. Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets With Antique Hardware

credit picture by Pinterest

Combining an antique style element with the rustic element is a cool thing to try. Using a repurposed cabinet in the kitchen would improve the taste of rustic style in it. Again, wood pallets play an important role in this situation.

It’s no longer a secret that you need sunlight in order to improve the charm of your rustic furniture. So, it’s recommended to get it close to the big window in the kitchen.

11. Galway Oak Kitchen Island with Cabinet

credit picture by jeronimo

Galway oak is a nice choice of material for your kitchen furniture. For you who don’t know what it is, it’s a natural solid wood which is also called as Galway range. It has a clean-cut design, with brushed metal handles, and groove detailing. It’s originally from Oak Furniture Land company.

This furniture design is perfect for your modern and traditional style of kitchen. The design of the cabinet is also friendly to an efficient workflow in the kitchen.

12. Clever Kitchen Cabinet Treatment

credit picture by familyhandyman

It’s one of the DIY Kitchen Cabinets Projects you can try for yourself. This treatment would turn your ordinary cabinet to be more space-saving that’s perfect for your small kitchen. Using the concept of rollout drawers, the cabinet now has more spaces to keep your food supply than before.

Well, you can customize the size of the drawers based on the cabinets you have and a space you need for your food storage.

13. Wood Pallet Storage in Painted Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by danielsantosjr

Rustic Modern style can be a great one to be applied in your kitchen. Because sometimes a modern painted cabinet needs to be balanced with the natural rustic element. So, wood pallets as storage baskets would come in handy.

The pallets have its own charm to maximize the space you have in your kitchen. The light brown color of the pallets is also matched with the countertop and shelf above them.

14. Kitchen Island Cabinet with Pull-Out Cart

credit picture by Pinterest

A pull-out cart under the kitchen island will be so functional to support your workflow in the kitchen. It can be used as an extra counter space and a compost bin container. The highlighted part that I need to mention is that color of a natural wood plank of the pull-out cart.

The wood color suits the accent of the kitchen which is applied on the backsplash wall and island countertop.

15. Smart Kitchen Cabinet Design

credit picture by szlilaiy

Having a problem organizing your kitchen utensils? Well, there’s a solution to that. It’s also making them easy to reach to make your work in a kitchen more efficient. Try making this pull-out tray to get all of them well-organized.

This smart DIY Kitchen cabinets design is obviously designed for the small kitchen. If you have a limited space in your kitchen, this is a great design to add in the corner of your cabinet.

16. Rustic Corner Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by szlilaiy

It’s a clever way to maximize the space of your kitchen. The corner space of an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen cabinet tends to be left empty and unused. The clever solution would be installing drawers to that corner. It apparently fits perfectly. You’ll have more space to store your stuff in style.

17. Lazy Susan Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

credit picture by americanneopaganism

Lazy susan is a name for a revolving tray to hold the food ingredients like spices, ketchup, sauces, etc. As you can see, the tray has been neatly fulfilled. This way will make the cabinet space can handle more stuff than it actually is.

Using wood planks or pallets as the main material for this DIY project is the right thing to do. There’s no more clutter and a mess in the counter.

18. Pots and Pans Organizer Kitchen Cabinet

credit picture by aripandesign

Take a look at this gorgeous DIY Kitchen cabinets storage organizer. It’s designed to be filled with pans and pots of the kitchen. So, you don’t have to mess up your kitchen wall with hanging pans and pots. You can keep them all hidden inside this cabinet organizer.

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19. Custom Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Doors

credit picture by bacalah

I bet everyone would be amazed looking at this kitchen cabinet doors. It looks so unique and attractive. The choice of the wood part is pretty uncommon for a cabinet door. That’s what makes it so special.

The designer decided to keep the wood’s natural vibe in this case. So, you can really look and feel the original texture of the wood without any additional treatment. These rustic style cabinet doors make a big contrast to the modern kitchen design. That’s the purpose of this unique design.

20. Redesigned DIY Kitchen Cabinets with Pallet Board

credit picture by livingoracles

Replacing the cabinet door with something new would easily refresh the design, and obviously the entire atmosphere that you are about to feel in the kitchen. It will instantly turn your kitchen design into something else.

As you can see, the homeowner only replaced the cabinet doors with a pallet board, nothing more. It feels like that everything is changed. It’s a smart solution to refresh your room’s design.

21. Barn Style DIY Kitchen Cabinets Doors

credit picture by Pinterest

You don’t have to have barn style cabinet doors in your kitchen to be on all of the elements. The barn style doors only need two cabinets to make a statement. Its traditional charm doesn’t need a lot of attention. Even in a narrow space beside the fridge, barn style doors still catch attention.

But, if you want to have a full barn style in your kitchen, two doors on the cabinet is not enough. You need to replace all the cabinet doors in the kitchen with that barn style doors.

22. Large Drawers for One DIY Kitchen Cabinets Island

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

credit picture by Pinterest

People choose a cabinet with drawers over doors because drawers can be filled with more stuff and it’s also more flexible for the kitchen space. It’s also easy to organize utensils and food supply using drawers like the one in the photo.

In Conclusion

Not all of those ideas are using pallets as the main material, but you get the picture. You can choose one of those kitchen cabinet designs as your DIY project. With those DIY Kitchen Cabinets, you can organize your kitchen stuff with style. 

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