20 Creative DIY Wood Light Fixtures

Some creative DIY wood light fixtures ideas are gonna be a fun project you can do this weekend. By making your own light fixtures, you can decide the ambiance of your room based on your personal taste. The room’s ambiance is created by the effects of lighting. It would be awesome if you can measure the light effect you’re going to have in your room.

Choosing the light design might be tricky because it could decide the whole atmosphere you are about to have inside the room. You have to make some considerations before deciding which lighting design that could fit your personal taste.

So, you may need some inspirations for the project. Here are some ideas for wood light fixtures that you can make at home.

1. Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Light Fixtures

wood light fixtures

credit picture by klonblog

Simple but stylish, that’s the words that could describe this wood light fixtures. This hanging chandelier design is so unique. It consists of 10 light bulbs that are planted into the squared reclaimed wood.

I guess this kind of chandelier is only used for decoration, not as a functional lighting. It’s designed to give a warm effect in some part of the room. It works perfectly when it’s hanging above the dining table.

Good. It has a simple design and easy to make. It doesn’t require a special woodworking skill.

Bad. It costs a lot to buy lights and electricity bills.

2. Cool Industrial Wood Light Fixtures

credit picture by stvaranjewptemaodnule

People choose to add industrial vibe into their room because of its architectural charm. If you are looking for a decoration with a minimalist style but functional, this is the one to choose. Some clever architecture would be offered by this wood light fixtures.

Using a lot of hanging light bulbs with various shapes improve the taste of this well-designed decoration. The reclaimed panels also give an outstanding effect to set the mood of the room. If you decide to have this wood light fixtures, you should think about the surrounding, make sure that it’s not the only industrial element in this room

Good. The industrial decoration would always be successful to impress every style of the room.

Bad. It costs a lot to buy lights and electricity bills.

3. Wood Pallets Bar Light Fixtures

credit picture by sitez

It’s probably the easiest light fixture that anyone can make at home. If you already have an unused wood pallet bar, you just have to clean the wood using sandpaper to get it smooth. Then, you can just install the rope or small chains to hang it to the ceiling.

At last, you have to install the light bulb slots for the lighting. There you have it, you’ll be ready to give a dramatic effect to your room.

Good. A great idea for bedroom’s light fixture for sleeping.

Bad. Ordinary design, less attractive.

4. Lighted Wood Pallet Tree

credit picture by livinghours

The lighting of this Pine tree is provided by some wooden pallets. I think, we can’t call it a “tree” completely because it’s made of wood pallets that form a triangle. But, this is a fun wood decoration for your living room.

It’s very flexible, you can place this wooden pallet tree in any room such as the living room or bedroom. Make sure to dim the main light of the room in order to see the full effect of the tea lights.

Good. A stunning decoration to fulfill your special moment.

Bad. It’s only amazing when it’s dark.

5. Standing Wood Light Fixtures

credit picture by diyideen

This alternative pallet lights would look great in your bedroom as a bedside table. You can use it both functional and decorative. The lighting effect of this standing light fixtures would spread all over the room because the light comes from every side.

You can use it as a narrow table beside your bed. Beside bedroom, it’s also possible to be placed on a living room corner. After that, your corner space won’t be left empty.

Good. It’s very flexible and portable. You can move it almost anywhere you want.

Bad. Placement is not safe for small children.

6. Dazzling Light Fixtures with Repurposed Pallet

credit picture by southcentralpaprep

If you’ve ever thought about going extremely rustic, this light fixture could be something to refer. It’s using some repurposed pallet in order to strengthen the rustic effect. You can find this lighting design inside a barn.

Good. The rustic wood pallet can be a great option for your barn.

Bad.  The weight is pretty heavy, you must consider your ceiling.

7. Modest Flush Mount Wood Chandelier

credit picture by lacalleazul

Do you have a farmhouse style room inside your house? If you do, you might want to get one of these. This farmhouse chandelier can be a perfect addition to the ceiling. The dining room is the right place to have this modest chandelier. You should put it above the dining table to set a good mood for your appetite in front of the food.

Good. It’s made of a reclaimed wood that is easy to get.

Bad.  This looks complicated for beginner.

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8. Wooden Beam Light Fixture

credit picture by weareleviathan

With this light fixture, you can create an interesting shadow all over the wall in the room. Only one beam is not enough, you should make more of this lights in order to maximize the effect.

I think this style of beam design for the light fixture is not used anymore. People consider this style of lighting as outdated. But, you can still have it for your classic or traditional house.

Good. It’s unique and one of a kind.

Bad.  This looks complicated for beginner.

9. Upcycling Wood Lighting Design

credit picture by exposemittromney

Working with natural wood would set a classic and neutral look to your interior. This wood light fixtures uses wine container as the pendants. You might be a bit surprised that a wine container can be so much useful.

Good. If you already have a wine container, it’s gonna be an easy and quick project, to begin with.

Bad.  This looks complicated for beginner.

10. Japanese Wooden Lamp Fixtures

credit picture by redgorilla

This Japanese-style hanging lamp is one of the unique items you have to hang inside your bedroom. It can be a night lamp for your sleeping company. The power of shade is what this light fixture all about. You can rely the light on this lamp, it’s here not to light the darkness, it’s to offer interesting shades.

It might be pretty confusing if you make it by yourself because this Japanese lighting is created by artisans. You can purchase this interesting lamp online at an affordable price.

Good. It’s unique and minimalist in style.

Bad.  This looks complicated for beginner.

11. Rustic Lamp in a Single Pallet

credit picture by mueblesdepalets

A single pallet can make a significant effect on your room. With this rustic lamp, you can have a more chic and exclusive touch to decorate your interior. It’s the right decision to maintain the original tone of the wood pallet. It gives a matching color with the orange light.

The orange color of light is highly recommended on this one. It adds a better sense of warmth inside this room. But, you can change the lighting color as you want.

Good. The single pallet is used cleverly. It looks like a small fire pit on the upper wall.

Bad.  Ordinary design, less attractive.

12. Wood Oak Pallet Pendant Light

credit picture by offkeep

Similar to the previous one, it’s a lot fancier than that. It’s one of the inventive recycling ideas for lighting. This pallet is recycled from oak wood shipping pallets. You just have to insert the lamp that would offer the best light you need.

Good. It offers a fancy look of the wood pendant.

Bad.  Installation is rather difficult.

13. Wood Light Fixtures from Thin Slats

credit picture by ilovepalets

It looks elegant and beautiful and it’s easy to make. You will need some wooden pallet to be cut into slats. Then, you need to join them on the inside of each pallet strips. After that, you can add the placement of the bulb and its string.

It’s so simple to make and it won’t waste your budget. You can really have an elegant and fancy decoration without even need to spend a lot of budgets.

Good. It’s super easy to make, you can put it in your schedule as the weekend project.

Bad.  Installation is rather difficult.

14. Wood Light Fixtures as a Room Divider

credit picture by blogs.odiario

You can actually separate your room with the light fixture. As shown in the photo, it’s being the incorporation of light success. The beam of each light gives an artistic look to the wall. When you dim the main lighting in that room, that room divider would suddenly become the center of attention.

Good. Besides the artistic decoration, this standing light fixture can give enough amount of light as you need.

Bad. In order to build this, you will need to consider about the wall where you attach it.

15. Cleverly Artistic Wood Light Fixtures

credit picture by uniquelightingcompany

It can be a good option for a housewarming gift for your friends or relatives. This light pendant design is so impressive. You’ll love this, it’s fun to explore. When you look from one angle, it would look square. Try looking at a different angle you may see round, triangular, or even star-shaped.

The uncommon design of this pendant would let the light flow out from many little gaps that it has. It creates an amazing glow that feels cozy and warm.

Good. The design is extremely eye-catching and it can become an effective light.

Bad. You might find it hard to change the bulbs when it’s off.

16. Original Wooden Cage as Light Pendant

credit picture by dreamingincmyk

This wood cage light would easily fit inside a traditional style room. This pendant is actually made of mango wood which is already gray-washed. It’s an awesome crafted decor you can have hanging from the ceiling inside the traditional bedroom.

In my opinion, you will need more than one light pendants in order to emphasize the beauty of the design. You may find this quatrefoil pendant light in a kitchen of a traditional house but it’s flexible to be installed in other rooms too.

Good. It’s very unique and its durability is magnificent.

Bad. This looks complicated for beginner.

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17. Custom Wood Light Fixtures Design

credit picture by duncanavenue

It’s originally designed by Duncan Avenue Group from New York. They are quite popular in designing architectural lighting. As we know, lighting is the important aspect of home design, so put a lot of consideration before choosing the lighting design of yours that could entertain your feelings.

Good. Using the reclaimed wood would affect the color of the lamp it produces.

Bad. The wood pallet material is too thick.

18. DIY Wood Light Fixtures as Display Table

credit picture by accurateaerial

A warm glow of this display table is enough to impress anyone nearby. It doesn’t affect much of the other elements around it. But it takes a lot of attention in a room. So, if you want to have one item or stuff to be displayed and noticed easily. This lighted display table is a must to have.

Good. The lighting charm would be in maximal look when the light is dimmed. It’s perfect for dar room.

Bad. The amount and position of lighting are not enough to focus on the display. 

19. Scandinavian Light Pendant Idea

credit picture by alibaba

The rectangular shape of this lighting creates its own appeal. The design is very unique, one of a kind. It’s got an aesthetic design which would dazzle anyone around it. It doesn’t deserve to be in a rustic room.

Good. This Scandinavian lighting would improve the level of elegance in your room.

Bad. This looks complicated for beginner.

20. Mason Jar Light Pendant

credit picture by reclaimmayday

It’s okay if you call it not as a wood light fixture, but Mason jar light fixture. As you can see, the wooden element is only used as a base. The main attraction of this fixture is the jars. The jars are dominating the look so easy. You just need to find the right place to hang it.

Good. Mason jar is always be a great decorative item.

Bad. The weight is pretty heavy, you must consider your ceiling.

I believe you won’t regret exploring those ideas wood light fixtures. Some of them are ready to build on your own but some of them are only available to be purchased.

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