BEST 20! – Aesthetic DIY Pallet Wall Art Home Interior!

Decorating the wall can be tricky; you don’t want to have an excessive amount of adornment, but at the same time, you still need to beautify the bare surface with the meaningful art piece. At this point, the pallet wall art is a good solution to such a problem.

Wood pallets present a warm and homey atmosphere when they are used as wall decoration at home. The nature of wood itself creates a unique and special art type. Besides, the fact that there are numerous choices of pallet wall art will make you never run out of ideas to decorate the wall with this natural piece of art. To get you inspired, here are several exciting art walls made from wood pallets that can add an attractive touch to your interior.


 1. Mosaic Pallet Wall Art.


Pallet Wall Art

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If you have some wooden planks lying around after your latest woodworking project, don’t throw them out! Instead of ending up in the garbage, those planks can be assembled into a whole new art wall. To create this chic wall decoration, you only need paints in various colors, some wood glue, and a firm, sturdy frame to hold those planks together in a perfect color combination.


2. Vintage Advertisement Board.


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When it comes to interior decoration, any art piece related to vintage and retro theme never does not show its classy point. This pallet art wall that comes in the form of a vintage advertisement board is a good example. It will fill the space with the abundance sense of nostalgic experience, especially when you place it in the room full of vintage-themed furniture.


3. Chevron Wood Pallet Wall Art.


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Exposing the geometrical features, chevron design wall art is a great choice for those who love a structured or patterned arrangement in the wall decoration. The V-shaped focal point can also be combined with other geometric shapes such as rectangular or trapezoid. To make this pallet wall art look more outstanding, remember to have it varnished before you hang it on the wall.


4. Photograph in Pallet.


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Photographs, especially those which capture family moments, have become one of the most popular decorations for the interior. They seem to have an outstanding feature for creating a lively impression in the room. If you want to include photographs as a piece of art for wall decoration, you might as well choose a pallet medium instead of the usual frame. The combination of both objects will result in an art piece that is beautiful in nature.


5. Bicycle in Colorful Pallet Strips.


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When decorating the room, some people often relate to the object reflecting their hobby or favorite activity. For instance, this portrayal of a bicycle on the colorful pallet strips is suitable for those who like cycling. Following the same concept, you may change the bicycle with other types of vehicles, including cars or motorcycles. Since the main object of this pallet wall art is also made of wood, a detailed woodworking plan is required.


6. Panoramic Strips.


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Nature portrayal has provided much inspiration to beautify your home, as reflected in this panoramic wall decoration. What makes the art-wall look even better and more attractive is the fact that it is painted on the piles of small-size wooden pallets. It is such a creative way to take the painting to a whole new level.


7. Geometric Mosaic Tiles.


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This stylish and elegant pallet wall art uses various types of geometric shapes as its main feature. With the right color combination, this type of wall decoration is a perfect choice for a room with the modern minimalist design. Of course, it is highly preferable that you choose varnished wood for the wall art since it can create a shiner and clearer appearance.


8. A Pair of Nature Beauty.


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Having a pair of wall decoration will also let you double the beauty of it. These harmonious tree paintings on a pallet, for example, are the ultimate proof that nature-inspired art never gets old. In addition to its timeless beauty, this kind of art wall can be applied to various interior styles, especially in the room with earthy color tones or neutral wall paint.


9. Inspiring Words on the Wall.


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Quoting your favorite excerpt and sentences from books, movies, or even the holy book as your wall decoration is also a good choice. Besides having the chance to express your interest in that particular quote, you allow other people to read and contemplate it as well. When applying this type of pallet wall art, remember to choose the contrast color choice for the writing font and the pallet, so that the quote can be displayed outstandingly.


10. colorful country strip pallet.


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Although it looks simple, some wooden pallet arrangements can also be shaped like your city or country. Very interesting if placed in front of the terrace of your house. This is not too difficult because you can shape it part by piece of wood. With a some color paint can already bring a beautiful impression to your wall.


11. Strip Wooden Country Art.


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Not too much different from the concept above, this idea is simpler. By utilizing the empty space in the middle, you can shape it into a city or abstract form. Of course you have to choose the type of wood with high fiber, because this will add a good natural impression.


12. Candle Holder and Ornament.


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Aside from being a wall decoration, you can also make a placemat to put candles. little paint shading and some ornaments can add a warm impression to blank wall. it’s just that have to be careful, so that the candle does not burn your wooden pallet. Or if you are too worried, you can replace it with some small lights bulb.


13. Seahorses Pallet Art.


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You live near the beach or like the sea theme ?, this can be a cool idea but it takes special skills to make it. A few pieces of wood can be something amazing in the hands of creative people. For example you can make sea horse wall art as above. This will be an interesting icon if you put it on the outside wall of your house. With a little shellfish decoration you will add to the impression of the sea in it.


14. Wooden Embossing Deer.


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Are you a hunter, or you want to send the gift for your hunter friends. The recycled pallet design with this animal shape can be the best choice. They are ready to be hung, which makes them the perfect gift for any mantle or trophy room. Don’t forget to choosing a natural wooden texture tendencies, this will make a vintage impression inside.


15. Clean Modern with Cursive Text.


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Looking for gift to your girl friend? This elegant wooden pallet can be perfect ideas , you can make it yourself with some pallets that are not used in your home. With a little white paint for the background you can make a greeting or quote above it. Hang it on the wall next to your wedding photos or place it on the shelf next to your photo album. It would be the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries or for new home owners.


16. Flower Painting with Frame.


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Spending time with family is the best idea on a holiday, you can bring your kids to play while sharpening their creativity. Some empty pallets can be a perfect medium to paint for them. This will be the best moment for your life that you have in the future. Place it in your child’s room and they will always remember it.


17. Square Block with Text Rope.


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Colorful retro piece of art is perfect way to welcome your guests into your house. This will be perfect for adding a touch of retro memories to your home decor. Reclaimed from old pallets, this wall decoration is recycling at its best to create a stunning piece of art to hang on a wall and be the centre of attention.


18. Colorful Wave Heart.


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Pallet ideas colorful rainbow wave hearts are unique makes for a fantastic gift for your sweetie. Some bright and warm color accents make the feel of your home decor more comfortable. This will be perfect used for wedding heart decor or rustic wedding love sign. or you can gift it for valentines day.


19. Wooden Family Tree Art.


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Using some old wooden pallets, you can make it into a family tree themed wall decoration. The family tree handcrafted in a beautiful neutral tones to compliment any home decor. This will be perfect placed in your family room.


20. Beautiful Painting Landscaping.


pallet wall art

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Beautifully painted on a wooden frame pallet, landscape art provides the perfect way for you to easily transport yourself to a the sun sank in the desert, a vibrant rainforest, or a relaxing beachfront. If you are looking for colorful and beautiful artwork to complement your office, bedroom, or living room design, landscape pallet wall art prints provide unique and economical solutions.


Now that you have seen some pallet wall art ideas, have you decided to choose the most suitable one for your home interior? While selecting an art wall for decoration, it is important to take the theme and design of your room into consideration. Therefore, the wall decoration will match perfectly with your style. [Back to Homepage]

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