40 DIY Ideas Pallet Coffee Table Furniture

Pallet coffee table ideas for your living room, here I will share some great ideas that peoples do in the out of there with their wooden pallets. This is the best alternative choice that is affordable and perfect rather than spending a lot of money to buy your desk furniture.

There is nothing more proud of than having your own handmade pallet coffee table to surprise your friends in the middle of your living room or balcony. Check and following this ideas to change your old wooden pallet into furniture that will add an interesting touch to your interior.


1. Chic White Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table 2

credit picture by pinterest

This pallet coffee table idea comes with a rustic yet modern feel. By utilizing the wood texture that appears and the combination of white color under it is very suitable with the choice of white-gray interior color of your room. Simple and compact design, will work perfectly to fill your room with minimal furniture.

2. Rustic but Elegant Style

Pallet Coffee Table 3

credit picture by mamak

Clean and handsome, this brown palette coffee table very suitable with your black leather sofa. Besides its artistic value, you can retain the natural look by avoiding the use of wood stains for this coffee table project to bring a more classy atmosphere in your space.

3. Modern Glam yet Rustic Style

Pallet Coffee Table 4

credit picture by clintonstreetbinghamton

This pallet coffee table is look eye-cathcing with, and it’s absolutely calm and clean! the small size and looks light, it’s quite practical to be placed wherever you want. Best choice for your living room to add modern glam yet rustic style decor tables.

4. Classic – Rustic Style

Pallet Coffee Table 5

credit picture by scientifi

This is a great pallet coffee table idea that can add rustic farmhouse style that is so popular right now in your living room. A blend of interior with soft feels, looks good and matches the natural of this coffee table. Playing with natural wooden pallet colors and textures is a brilliant idea to give decorate your home.

5. Large Classic Coffee Table

credit picture by quelfilm

This is a fantastic coffee table concept that will definitely look very good in a rustic yet modern contemporary house. You can make it the center of attention by keep that rustic feel to any of the furniture by leaving the wood bare to making look extremely classic, luxury and glamorous.

6. Simply Glass Coffee Table 

credit picture by social.secondstreet.ru

You can also be creative by bringing a touch of glass into your coffee table, this will give a little character of living room table from other general ideas. You can also use the empty space between wooden pallets as storage media such as books or magazines.

7. Rustic Farmhouse Table

credit picture by sawdust2stitches

In fact, an old wooden pallet can be amazing artistic coffee table in the hands of creative people. This is a beautiful makeover of used pallet furniture that brings an element of rustic charm inside the house.

8. Solid Compact Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table 6

credit picture by yandex

Give your living space a unique and classic looks with the use of wooden pallet desks. There are so many pallet coffee table ideas you can choose, for example bringing a masculine solid look like above. It’s almost just pieces of leftover wood but looks great for a pallet coffee table.

9. Old Pallet Table

credit picture by writehookstudio

Some DIY coffee tables made using old wooden pallets can turn into unique and innovative furniture. You can build it with using an used old wooden pallets on your home, some nails, sandpaper and other supplies to resulted in this gorgeous yet easy coffee table!

10. Slim Minimalist Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table 7

credit picture by kostheim

If you like a minimalist look and not many styles but still elegant, this idea is suitable for adding references to your list. This beautiful coffee table will complement a spacious living room having a elegant yet rustic decorating style.

11. Farmhouse Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table 8

credit picture by lawnscapes

This amazing-decorated, mobile handcrafted coffee table has stolen the spotlight. The striking feature of this unique coffee table is the iron wheels as the foot of wooden pallet table. This is an amazing idea to give farmhouse decor to your living space with DIY coffee table.

12. Chevron Style Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table 9

credit picture by fatihome

Exposing the geometrical features, chevron design pallet coffee table is a great choice for those who love a structured or patterned arrangement in decorating the living room. The V-shaped focal point can also be combined with some color shade to make artistic look.

13. Crate Wooden Pallet for Table

Pallet Coffee Table 10

credit picture by snasent

Therefore, you can build a wooden planks into a coffee table without reducing its function as storage. To make this coffee table look more outstanding, remember to have it varnished before you place it in living room.

14. Rustic Coffee Table with Wheels

credit picture by newportfranklin

This is another fabulous coffee table idea using wooden pallets to give a unique look in your living room. For those of you who have high mobility, having a coffee table that can be moved will be very useful. So, it would be better if you can modify your lovely piece of furniture by attaching caster wheels to the bottom for making it more flexible.

15. Vintage Charm Table

credit picture by pinterest

With a creative touch from the DIY pallet coffee table ideas and the right steps you can add some vintage charm to your interiors. Even you don’t have to need paint to make it look great in your space. However, a well-polished coffee table will give a more shiny and give a durable of life time.

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16. Simple Innovative Coffee Table

credit picture by homehihoo

A pallet coffee table is a home item that is easy to make and that is also a cheap project, that is why you must include it in your list of DIY ideas. This is an easy example of a pallet coffee table idea made of two wooden pallets stacked. They are just placed one above the other with some innovative touch at the top and adding wheels for a flexible design. So.. why not to try in your home?

17. White Elegant Coffee Table

credit picture by tables4you

I like this one, because it’s not unusual for a recycled wooden pallet. With a white color palette and the idea of adding textured glass on the top of table, This really looks very chic, elegant, and modern! to put in your space.

18. Natural Feel with Some Red Color Touch.

credit picture by decorwind

One of the best of self-designed pallet tables is that you can be creative in color and style, you can easily bring it into modern or rustic feels. You can make the palette table feel modern by adding bright and solid color details or You can leave it with its natural color or play in both styles to match your design interior.

19. Simple Dark Style Pallet Coffee Table

credit picture by regomello

Bring your worn palletes table display to something that suite for sophisticated your background. By doing a little sanding on the palette and fill a solid black color will bring a dramatic impression in your room.

20. Flag Theme Table

credit picture by myhomeimprov

Bored with flat colors? pour your spirit of patriotism into the coffee table or you can bring your beloved soccer club flag into it. Place it in front of your TV room while supporting your favorite team to compete.

21. DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Hidden Store

credit picture by sgsdesigns

Are you in the mood of being rustic? Try this fantastic rustic pallet coffee table. It’s completed with some hidden storage which would be useful to keep things you need to be out of sight. The charm of elegance is still there on this coffee table.

The texture and rustic pattern of the wooden planks are so powerful to set the style of your living room. It looks like a table that’s made of barn wood pallets. In designing a living room using this coffee table, you need to have the rest of the furniture minimalist.

22. Coffee Table with Round Edge Panels

credit picture by 1o1pallets.com

This elegant coffee table suddenly becomes the focal point of the living room. A gray vintage couch set and a dark flooring seem very supportive to the shape and colors of the coffee table. I believe it’s gonna be perfect for your vintage living room.

This table got a little bit of multicolor texture just to emphasize the feeling that’s brought by its design. It’s an enormous idea for your DIY project. The concept is quite simple but it needs a bit of artistic skill to produce such an interesting focal point.

23. Fence and Pallet Wood Table

credit picture by 1o1pallets.com

In a living room, it’s important to add interesting attention into the mix. It’s done to express an amazing feeling of fun and comfort. Take a look at this colorful coffee table, the designer adds one blue shade and it changed the whole look and style of this coffee table.

This one is perfect to be called as the illustration of feasible pallet shapes. Building this is quite easy, you just need to follow some simple steps. You just need 2 whole pallet boards to build the bunk. For a finishing touch, don’t forget to get all of the surface varnished or waxed. You’ll have the wood grains sparkles amazingly.

24. Modern Furniture from Wood Pallets

credit picture by ids-usa

Some wood pallet furniture is getting the popularity lately. One of the furniture is the coffee table. This is the most popular element of the house which can be made of a wood pallet. Pallets material is really simple and flexible. It’s also time-saving which makes it perfect for a DIY project.

Another reason why people love wood pallet material, it’s because of the feasible geometrical shapes of it. It’s great to be used for crafting and building in furniture. Whether you’re amateur or professional, the pallet can be easily handled.

As you can see, this small bunked coffee table has two spaces for storage. You can keep your clutter under the tabletop to get neat in everything around.

25. Wooden Color Shades Combination on Coffee Table

credit picture by ideasgeniales

Instead of having an unnatural color of wood, just play with the natural shades of wood. As you can see, the shades create an outstanding pattern to impress you. Standing in the middle of the gray and blue furniture of the living room. The coffee table seems to be shinier than ever.

The sunflower accessories in the middle of the tabletop strengthen the natural look of the table. The color of the sunflower is brighter than the brown shades of the table pallet. That’s perfect to lower the brightness of the coffee table.

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26. Wood Pallet Coffee Table with Glasses Surface

credit picture by virginia-informer

Without even having accessories on the coffee table, you still can create an interesting sight above it. This looking-through glass top set an amazing atmosphere to the room. What’s inside the storage below the tabletop is the key to this coffee table design.

Suggestion. You have to keep the glass clear and clean. Cleaning this glass regularly would be needed because it’s so easy to get dirty. You can keep your books, magazines, and some other stuff inside the storages but keep in mind, the design arrangement is crucial.

27. Pallet Coffee Table with Hairpin legs

credit picture by upcyclethat

Simple but stylish, that’s the right phrase to describe this pallet coffee table. What’s so unique about this table is the legs. It’s got the hairpin legs which express the industrial vibe all over the living room. This DIY pallet coffee table with storage would be very useful to store the items such as magazines, books, remotes, etc.

Even though this coffee table is quite easy to make, you need to have some basic craftsmen skill. The steps involve measuring, sawing, nailing, attaching and painting. You could measure the size of the coffee table you are about to make, based on the space you have in your living room.

28. Orange Patio Coffee Table

credit picture by amibes

Looking for a coffee table for your outdoor living room? You may wanna take a look at this stylish table. At a glance, the color of orange is the one that easily catches everyone’s attention. In fact, that bright orange color reflects the sunlight perfectly.

The pallet tabletop with its rustic texture and pattern seems to be a good match with the patio. This pallet coffee table is specially designed for outdoor area. Add some natural elements nearby in order to emphasize the ambiance.

If you want some recommendation for color choice, here are some color you could consider for furniture in your outdoor space:

  • Vivid Orange / Yellow. It’s usually used to accentuate the outdoor area.

  • Neutral / Earthy Tones. Color like gray,cream and brown is very common for the outdoor.

  • Blue Tones. Another common color for outdoor which is usually represented by the swimming pool.

29. Pallet Coffee Table with Round Glass Top

credit picture by kostheim

The combination of round glass top and wood pallet box is quite a contrast but it shows a unique charm for your interior. This rustic modern pallet table couldn’t be standing on its own. It should be surrounded by the elements with similar material. You can’t just leave this kind of table in a middle of nowhere.

This pallet coffee table and a couch would not make a good pair. The seating elements should be using wood or pallet material too. You may wanna take a look at some steps of of how to make a pallet coffee table with glass top to understand better.

30. Pallet Coffee Table with Rectangular Glass Top

credit picture by benestuff

If you want the glass top that has edges, the rectangular shape is the only option you could go with. Try adding this coffee table in your living room. It’s got a glass top which looks like it’s floating. Below the glass, you can keep your living room’s items but it can’t be hidden. You can see clearly what’s under the glass top.

Suggestion. You can just leave the space under the glass top empty. It supports a good looking texture of rustic wood below. For the glass top, it’s available to accommodate a little touch of accessories. The mixing of modern and classic rust of the table design is very flexible. Couch setting decides the comfort that you can give to your guest in the living room.

31. DIY Vintage Coffee Table Using MDF Board with Storages

credit picture by otterbox.biz

Save your budget with this storage full coffee table. It can be a nice focal point for your living room. You can get the MDF boards from Home Depot for about eleven dollars. You’re gonna need some wood screws and paint.

As you can see, the brown pale color doesn’t even matter to this living room. The pink couch coverings create a mixed atmosphere. The contrast color combination between pink and brown is a little bit weird but it’s okay since it gives a sense of unique.

32. Easy Industrial Pallet Table Design

credit picture by 10223728.fis.ru

In building this, you don’t have to own a woodwork experience. You could just have an easy skill level. It is finished just by stacking the pallets. This pallet coffee table consists of 2 pallets stacking that makes an amazing looking table.

Not only this amazing coffee table has a glass top, but also there are hardware wheels which could get the table to move around easily. There are also some other features that you can enjoy from the table. I’m talking about the storage. This coffee table is storage friendly, All of your clutter could be hidden inside the table.

33. Euro-Pallets Coffee Table Idea

credit picture by heycraft.ru

If you are ready for some experiment, you may wanna take a look at this coffee table. It could be a great concept for a small living room. You have to be careful in processing this Euro-pallets. It’s quite different than the ordinary pallet.

For a natural atmosphere, the arrangement of the mini pots above the table is the right thing to do. Because of the pots, the wooden coffee table looks more interesting.

If you are ready for some experiment, you may wanna take a look at this coffee table. It could be a great concept for a small living room. You have to be careful in processing this Euro-pallets. It’s quite different than the ordinary pallet.

For a natural atmosphere, the arrangement of the mini pots above the table is the right thing to do. Because of the pots, the wooden coffee table looks more interesting.

34. Multifunctional Table Design from Pallet

credit picture by abundantlifestyle.club

Something multifunctional is always gonna be interesting in almost every element of the room. It’s a perfect addition to your minimalist house. Having a coffee table with this concept would be comfortable for your living room activity.

It’s not gonna be just a simple pallet coffee table, it’s a cleverly designed coffee table to make your living room more fun. Most homeowners that have limited space for the living room, this beautiful sliding coffee table would help them to save a lot of space.

35. Marvelous Coffee Table with Flipping Top

credit picture by bonmignon.co

This rustic coffee table has a storage which is hidden under some part of the top. It’s quite unusual to have such a clever design of storage. Commonly, the storage is opened from the side, like drawers. This pallet table is very unique, if you want to get something from the storage, you can get it from the table top.

So, it looks like a small chest attached to a coffee table. As the legs, this rustic table is completed with four cartwheels. You can move the table wherever you want easily. For example, when you need more space for your guests, just move away from the table and sit on the rug. You can call it as a pallet coffee table on wheels.

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36. Architecture Small Coffee Table Full of Elegance

credit picture by 1001pallets.com

This coffee table concept seems to be ready to support your wine party. This table is specially designed for your drinking activity. As you can see, the storage is designed to accommodate the wine glass.

Because of the features, you may call this table concept as a minibar in a box. Just put it in the living room area, it doesn’t have to be the main coffee table which is placed in the middle of everything. Placing it beside the couch would be okay.

37. DIY Pallet Coffee Table With Sliding Top

credit picture by duhokchamber.com

Another coffee table design with an industrial vibe, if you are into minimalist rustic to be applied in your living room, indoor or outdoor, you can choose this pallet coffee table. This table design looks simple but it’s actually not that easy to make. It requires some woodworking skills to get an outstanding result.

This table is minimalist and perfectly varnished. The sense of neat and clean is obvious. The steel legs for this table should be of good quality with strong durability. The pallet boards should also be noticed.

38. Modern Coffee Table with Dark Color

credit picture by besideroom.co

A sliding-up coffee table is quite popular lately. It’s because of the fun feature that makes your life with ease. You can enjoy your meal in a comfortable way right on your couch. Well, you can enjoy your dinner while watching your favorite TV shows from your couch. That would be the most comfortable experience you can have in your living room.

39. Remarkable DIY Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

credit picture by homstuff.com

Unlike the darker one, this sliding-up coffee table offers a bright charm into your living room. It’s a nice focal point for your living room. It’s even better if your living room has big windows, the natural light during the day would get the coffee table brighter.

40. Chest-Style Pallet Coffee Table Storage

Pallet Coffee Table 1

credit picture by adsyner

Another chest style of coffee table, what I mean about chest style is the way we open the storage which is just like a chest. The white table and brown table top can actually be a great combination. I guess, that rustic texture on the top is there to match with the wall.

Those are the ideas of DIY pallet coffee tables that can complement your home furniture. 

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