35 IDEAS – Pallet Patio DIY Sofa for Excellent Relaxing Space

Regarding its relaxing purpose, it is true that the patio is not as essential as a living room or a bedroom. However, it is not an excuse to avoid designing and decorating this outside area on the back of your house. The patio, in fact, can be used as a cozy retreat on your lazy day or as outdoor space to get together with friends or family. Keeping that in mind, several ideas of pallet patio DIY below will provide various seating designs and furniture styles that you can apply to your patio. You are free to choose the best style you need based on its comfortable state or practical use.

1. Movable Corner Pallet Patio DIY Sofa

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The patio is often used as a space to entertain guests who prefer outside air to secluded living room inside the house. In such a situation, a movable sofa will come in handy. By putting the wheels under the pallet frame of your sofa, you can easily move the long seat according to the guests’ preference. Whether you want to gather near the corner or closer to the yard, having the sofa on wheels makes you easier to fulfill your seating needs.

2. Sectional Sofa with a Coffee Table 

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The best thing about applying pallet patio DIY to your home design is that you can build a set of furniture in similar style. This comfortable furniture set consisting of a sectional sofa and a coffee table is a good example. While sturdier pallets are used as the sofa platform, you can build the coffee table using wooden planks in a crate-like construction. Both of them are complementary in style and will surely add more comfort to your leisure time.

3. Comfortable Pallet Day Bed 

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A set of large, cozy daybed is needed when you and the family want to spend a lazy day out on the patio. It will be even better if the sturdy wood pallet supports the sofa bed. If you want to make a daybed based on this pallet patio DIY idea, then build the construction on two levels to create a larger sense of seating space. Complete the design with a capacious wheeled table that has similar style and color.

4. Pallet Family Chair Set 

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This cute and stylish chair set is an excellent idea to get all family members together on the weekend or other free days. Consisting of three separate armchairs with low headrest, the chair set is constructed using small-sized planks that make it look compact and classy at the same time. The addition of a small coffee table with storage space at its bottom part will complement the seating arrangement.

5. Neutral-Colored Bench with Pop of Colors 

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You will never go wrong with neutral color choices such as gray, black, and white. In this pallet patio DIY, the seating space consists of a white pallet platform and gray upholstery with black accent. Although the neutral colors have harmoniously blended, you can add a lively touch by putting several cushions in different bright colors.

6. Purple and Gray Sectional Sofa

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Nobody can resist the practical advantage of a sectional sofa. The seating pieces that can be arranged in various ways will make you easier to place them on the patio, especially when you build the platform using wooden pallets that are relatively easy to construct. Now, if you still browse through different color combination for your patio sofa, this gray and purple pallet patio DIY might be the one that can inspire you.

7. Crate-Framed Chair Set 

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In the concept of home furniture, a crate made of wooden planks is often used as a simple alternative for a table. However, with some modifications and basic woodworking skill, you can also have a full set of chair framed by crates. This style will make the seating area on your patio look unique and rustic in a good way.

8. Sofa Bed Platform on Wheels

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It is always a good idea to add wheels under the sofa platform at the finishing stage of your pallet patio DIY project. This way, you can easily drag the sofa bed and place it in the best relaxing position on the patio. Remember to include a high platform and large headrest in your design to make you more comfortable while resting and enjoying the sun.

9. Corner Bench with Functional Storage

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If you have a semi-outdoor patio with glass wall, then this simple bench is the perfect fit for the wall corner. While constructing the design, cast aside the ordinary pallet bench frame. Instead, provide several storage spaces under the bench that can be used to store your favorite books, magazines, or even your shoes and sandals. To be more practical, complete the set with a small crate table.

10. White Pallet Sofa with Patriotic Feel

The wooden sofa pallet looks clean with shades of white. Some blue and red accents will add to the sense of patriotic in it. Suitable for those of you who are of high nationality. Place it on the balcony terrace of your house to relax with family and friends.

11. Simple White Pallet Sofa 

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This pallet sofa depicts a modern and simple taste with plain white sofa cushions for seating to make it more comfortable. This photo shows how you can use the palette to fill the narrow corners of your home terrace into a comfortable place to receive your guests. Don’t forget to put some plants to feel greeny and fresher.

12. Rustic Pallet Patio DIY Sofa

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If you like the classic – modern concept, this sofa palette is suitable for your reference. Paired modern decorative pillows with deep green shades, looks great and suited to the natural color texture of wooden pallets. Playing with natural wooden pallet colors is a brilliant idea as you see on the edge of the bench.

13. Dark Pallet Bench with colorful Pillows

You can be as creative as you want the size, shape and color of your pallet. Like this dark pallet bench, it looks striking with light green and colorful pillows. this is the best way to distract anyone who visits your home.

14. Outdoor Double Wooden Pallet Bench

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In above is a perfect example of how wooden pallets become homemade garden furniture which is great for relaxing. If you pay more attention to the back of the place you are leaning on, you will realize that it is made slightly tilted. So this wooden pallet is really serves as a place to relax all day. You can lay your back there while enjoying your leisure time.

15. Outdoor Old Wooden Pallet Bench

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These pallet bench shows how you can use your old pallet to make the perfect garden pallet sofa. You can add some paint to cover the worn part of the pallet, this will make it look more clean and make sure to use waterproof paint for your pallet to be more durable and protected.

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16. Decorative Pallet Sofa for Garden Corner

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Pallet sofa is a truly unique way to decorate your garden into a room together. The idea in above is an example of how a palette sofa can really look very chic, comfortable, and glamorous! for family events and party.

17. White Upstairs Pallet Bench

This minimalist pallet sofa idea is perfect for those of you who don’t have enough space to be together or receive guests. By utilizing a little space from your patio or upper floor, this is great to accommodate a number of people. With this, you don’t need to be confused again to entertain your friends when come to visit.

18. White Garden Corner Sofa

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This photo is shows how wooden pallets can be a perfect sofa to your garden corner room. You can make it by stacking a few wooden pallets and add some shade white paint to make your garden area look incredible. Don’t forget to complete it with some cushions to feel comfortable.

19. Romantic Red Rustic Concept

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The benefits of pallet seating are that you can easily adjust and decorate all parts depending on your needs and preferences. With a few shades of red and a little rose decoration will make the romantic feel. This can be a perfect idea to celebrate your birthday party, wedding party and valentines day.

20. Large Balcony Pallet Sofa

The first thing you notice when you look at this pallet sofa is just how cozy it seems to relax with family. Spending time at the end of your day to lie down and take a nap while enjoying the fresh outdoor air will refresh your brain. So, use the old palette immediately in your home to create the relaxed atmosphere you want.

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21. White Pallet Bench for Sunbathing

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With this pallet sofa, no matter if you want to soak in the sun all day after tired of swimming. You can use a cushions made of plastic or made from similar materials suitable for outdoor use to last longer. Make sure to coat your pallet sofa with waterproof paint too.

22.  Old Pallet Bench for Backyard 

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This is a great ideas to make bench furniture from old wood pallet recycling. If you have several unused pallets in your hand, then don’t be afraid to recycle them to be more functional. Remember, that this pallet is made of wood that can rot if exposed to water – this is why you should use a waterproof paint to protect it so that your pallet bench lasts longer.

23. Rustic Large Bench Pallet

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This upcycled wooden pallet chair provides a rustic feel with different wood colors and textures like a true interior designer. You can keep that rustic feel to any of the furniture by leaving the wood bare to making look extremely chic, luxury and glamorous.

24. Modular Balcony Sofa

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This is one of the pallet patio diy sofa that shows how you can use a pallet to accommodate a large number of people in your home. The benefit of use this wooden pallet is that it can adjust according to the size of your balcony, so it doesn’t matter if you only have a small corner of the room on the porch of your house.

25. Retro Large Bench Pallet

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This wooden pallet bench with orange cushions gives a rustic feel while creating a fully modern and retro furniture space. By leaving the wood bare, its look much more expensive than what they’d really cost to make. You can setting up on a patio space to make surprise your friends.

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26. Large Bench Pallet

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A set of large, cozy pallet sofa is needed when you and the family want to spend a lazy day out on the patio. You can create it with a few pallets and a little determination to do it. If you want to make a sofa palette based on this pallet patio DIY idea, then build a construction with two levels and elongated to create a sense of a larger sitting space.

27. Old Rustic Pallet Furniture Set

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This is a beautiful makeover of used pallet furniture that will add secluded living room inside the house. Even you don’t have to need paint to make it look great. But very recomended to add a protective layer ( sealant ) at the end, to expand its life for years to come so you can save on spending.

28. Outdoor Dark Pallet Bench

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There is nothing better and more fun than spending time together on the patio of your yard while enjoying the sunny afternoon weather. The best thing is that you can apply a pallet patio DIY ideas to build a set of furniture with the style you want. You only need to clean and paint the wood and a little creativity to build it to be able to get the sofa palette as above.

29. Pallet Chairs for Outdoor Event

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Do you often have parties or event on weekends? the good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy furniture in order to support your party. With the pallet patio diy ideas as above, you can invite your friends to make a bench to accommodate a number of people. It will be perfect to add a cushion with bright colors to make it look more festive.

30. Rustic Garden Sofa

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This is a classic sofa pallet set with rustic style that looks great to accompany you to enjoy coffee or hot chocolate in the afternoon. With some old pallets that are still good, you can make it reality rather than just imagining it. Save the above pallet diy patio ideas for you to do on holiday.

31. Comfy Old Pallet Sofa

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This is a great simple pallet patio DIY idea by using an old palette to make a garden sofa that is fun to accompany your party. However, it’s really just an old pallet that is stacked, and covered with cushions on it but this guy has really realize it very great. Even you can make the cushions portable so that it can be easily moved when it rains or after a party.

32. Dark Pallet sofa bench

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The best thing about implementing a pallet patio DIY for your home design is that you can build it according to your style. This not only saves your money but you can also feel free to tweak and adjust ideas. With paint to cover the old wooden pallet, or let it look natural, both complement each other in style.

33. White Natural Style Bench Pallet for Garden

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This is a good idea to bring some pallets with a natural atmosphere. By using the plant as a cushions, the bench really looks in harmony with the surrounding plants. Maybe it would be better if you change the color white with dark green to make it look more natural and eco friendly, but again this is a choice.

34. White Style Bench Pallet for Garden

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This is a garden bench that is relatively easy to make with only a few pallets. I like the idea of using white paint in pallet bench with white stone underneath, it looks beautiful, stylish and modern. In addition, the stone can also give a distance between the pallet and the ground so as not to decay quickly.

35. Simple Pallet for Bench

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This is one of the great ideas and the easiest of the pallet patio DIY ideas. However, you just need a some pallet and paint to make it real. You can also make it portable, so you can stack it when it’s not used. Very easy and Usable.


Those are nine ideas of pallet patio DIY that can make your relaxing time on the patio feel more enjoyable. While choosing the best style for your seating area, remember to consider your patio setting and the materials you need to complete the DIY project.

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