32 IDEAS! Wood Accent Wall to Improve Your Space

Installing a wood accent wall in a room is quite popular these days. It could help you to improve the design. People sometimes feel bored about their space and start to think about renovation in order to change the room design completely. Well, you can actually update your space just by changing the wall.

Having some wood accent walls would add texture, warmth, and depth. The room would be looking much more interesting. You’ll have a new attention stealer in your interior. With a bit of planning and simple tools, you can install the wood accent walls on your own.

You could choose to have it in your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom. Wood walls are so flexible, it’s great for any room in any style. But, you have to treat them differently based on the use of the room. So, we’ll divide the ideas into three sections:

1. Wood Accent Wall Bedroom

1.1. Wood Wall In White Master Bedroom

wood accent wall 1

credit picture by contemporist

This master bedroom is a part of a house located in Portland, Oregon. The homeowner chooses to have the wood wall right behind the bed in order to avoid the bedroom for being too bright because of the white color.

As a result, that wood wall adds warmth into the bedroom. It would make the bedroom more comfortable for the owner.

1.2. Peel & Stik Reclaimed Wood Walls In Rustic Bedroom

wood accent wall 2

credit picture by rexdixon

I’m pretty sure that the best place to install the wood wall is right behind the bed. It would make a perfect setup for the wood wall to provide an interesting background for the bed. The design pattern of the wood wall should be matched with the bedroom style. The designer of this rustic bedroom does its best.

1.3. Laminated Wood Walls Decoration Ideas

wood accent wall 3

credit picture by stroy-podskazka

Hanging a decor on the wood wall behind the bed is quite recommended by some expert. It could strengthen the attention you’ve made in your bedroom. In this country bedroom, the wood walls are completed by the country decor of a buffalo head.

1.4. Gray Wood Plank Wall Paneling Ideas

wood accent wall 4

credit picture by italianlightdesign

Another interesting choice of design for your wood accent wall for your bedroom. Gray is one of the earthy colors which are quite recommended for a space like this bedroom. In fact, the brown wood element is still there as the flooring.

1.5. Inspiring Wood Walls For Rustic Accent In A Bedroom

wood accent wall 5

credit picture by shapeyourminds

Having a rustic style bedroom might be really weird for some people because the feeling of relaxing and soothing is not gonna be provided by rustic element. But, you can get some rustic element to be an accent of the bedroom. As you can see, the rustic charm is only expressed in one part of the bedroom.

1.6. Artistic Wood Accent Wall In Bedroom

credit picture by living

A bed is the key element of a bedroom. So, everything near the bed would be a center of attention. The wall behind the bed is like the crown of the bed. That’s why you should pay attention to detail and get it well-designed.

Having a durable material for the wall behind the bed is recommended. It’s a great solution to keep the wall impressive and well-functioned. You can line it with birch and veneer panels to get it more interesting.

1.7. Wood Accent Wall Coverings For Bedroom

credit picture by notebuc

Many designers would disagree to have such a large window behind the bed. The space behind the bed should be the only wall. So, there will be too much lighting to get inside the bedroom.

Just cover the window with that modern wall paneling. It covers the space behind the bed straight to some part of the ceiling. The measurement matches the bed size. So, it would be exciting to enjoy the wood accent ceiling.

1.8. DIY Wood Walls To Decorate The Bedroom

credit picture by setantasubs

The wood wall behind the bed could be the one that supports the decoration of your bedroom. A wood wall with that rich tones and textures would easily show its charm to impress. The lighting pendants on each side of the wood walls are there to separate the space between walls.

1.9. A Small Bedroom With Wood Accent Wall

Many designers recommend choosing wisely when decorating and designing a small space like a bedroom. Having too many decorations should be avoided. So, a simple wood accent wall design should be a pretty good solution.

credit picture by furnitureteams

As you can see, this small bedroom has a wood accent wall design which won’t be over. The smooth and soft color choice of the painted wood, match really well with the room’s color pattern. It makes the room even more pleasing and comfortable.

1.10. Eco-Style Bedroom With Artistic Wood Walls

credit picture by setantasubs

Instead of ordinary wood arrangement and design, you might wanna try adding an artistic touch to your wood walls. As you can see in this eco-style bedroom, the element of natures in this bedroom is well-connected with the wood wall.

In another bedroom, the eco-style bedroom seems to be the perfect place to apply this kind of artistic wood accent wall. The power of lighting would set the dramatic accent to the background.

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2. Wood Accent Wall Living Room

2.1. Colorful Wood Accent Wall In Living Room

wood accent wall 6

credit picture by yandex

An interesting wall would decide the feeling you are having in your living room. A living room should be a place to get a warmth and friendly atmosphere. With this wood wall, you can also have the element of fun added into the mix.

2.2. Decorative Wood Wall Panelling For Elegant Living Room

wood accent wall 7

credit picture by reinhartpainting

A living room is designed to be comfortable for everyone. It’s the best place in a house to hang out with your guests. Check out that stunning wood wall design. It’s easily become the main attraction of this living room. In addition, the decoration is focused on that wall.

2.3. Wall Cladding For Living Room

wood accent wall 8

credit picture by link-assistent

In order to improve your living room design, you may wanna start with the wall. You can easily apply the wall cladding wood in the middle part of your wall. Using only some part of any side of the wall would separate the space. You can leave the white space empty and the decor would focus on the wood walls.

2.4. Living Room With Natural Teak Panels

wood accent wall 9

credit picture by designingidea

One of the reasons that many people choose to have a wooden accent on the wall instead of other material is that of the natural element. Other elements don’t have the element of natures as much as woods. Check out that stunning teak panel which is perfectly crafted.

2.5. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall For Dining Room

wood accent wall 10

credit picture by brehziltile

The accent wall design of this dining room could be a good inspiration for you to add more elegances. The barn wood material provides an elegant pattern and texture. It would really make the dining room improves its luxury.

The antique light pendants above the dining table set the mood to get everything inside well-connected each other. At last, the natural light provides more light to emphasize the texture of this dining room design.

2.6. Matching Reclaiming Wood For Dining Room

credit picture by waffe.parishpress

Some dining room style might not be ready to have a reclaimed or rustic wood to be the accent wall. In order to get it suitable, you may need to add a style that would create a good connection to the dining room. The hanging lamps and the red splashes have won the heart of the dining room. The reclaimed wood accent would fit in easily.

2.7. The Herringbone Pattern In Wood Wall

credit picture by homedepot

One of the favorite patterns of the wall is this one. It looks complicated and detailed but it’s actually pretty simple to build and it delivers a lot of impact for the living room atmosphere. The main material of this wood wall is barn wood which looks great in any style or pattern.

2.8. The Dramatic Lighting Over The Gray Wood Wall

credit picture by 2fl.me

In a pretty dark living room, you need an accentuating light to add a dramatic effect to the room. The gray wood wall on the background has a strong texture that decides the whole pattern of the living room. Those lighting that hit the wall to show the texture even more powerful.

The combination of the shades is already well-designed. You don’t have to add more light or more decorations to this living room. Just leave it like this, simple but powerful.

2.9. Wood Wall Background For Entertainment Space

credit picture by link-assistent

The space for entertainment in the living room is very crucial. It’s one of the main reason why people enjoy the living room. It’s a clever solution to cover the wall. The wood wall would be ready to handle the nails for maintaining the storage for the hardware.

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2.10. White Washed Wood Wall 

credit picture by d-marie-interiors

This fascinating design of wood wall offers an eclectic look to your room. Your wall looks like it’s filled with artistic reclaimed boards that have a myriad of various textures and stains. The beautiful mural look expresses the industrial chic style that it has.

The appearance of the wood looks brighter because it’s whitewashed and that’s the reason it suits with the white elements inside the room.

3. Wood Accent Wall Bathroom

3.1. Dark Wood Accent Wall In White Bathroom

wood accent wall 11

credit picture by themandrel

The ideal role of the dark wood wall or other dark elements is to be the accent of the white base. Only one part of the bathroom wall that takes a covering from the dark wood wall. It’s even completed with an electronic firepit. It emphasizes the country style in this modern bathroom design.

3.2. Gorgeous Bathroom With Rustic Wall Panel

wood accent wall 12

credit picture by coralreefchapel

The element of wood plays an important role in this rustic bathroom. The combination of natural elements in this bathroom is perfectly stunning. You’ll feel like you are inside a private spa when you’re entering this gorgeous bathroom.

3.3. Remodel Bathroom Using Maple Veneer Sheeting

wood accent wall 13

credit picture by remodelaholic

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, this bathroom could be an inspiration. This a simple and easy project. You just need some maple veneer sheeting installed to one side of the wall. That simple trick would change the look and feel of your bathroom drastically.

3.4. Well-Decorated Wood Wall In A Narrow Toilet

wood accent wall 14

credit picture by pinterst

Even, in the most narrow space, you still can make it great looking. Hanging a nice wreath is a smart way to improve focal point in this narrow toiler. The rustic wood wall is also doing a pretty good job as background.

3.5. White Bathroom With Country Style Decor

wood accent wall 15

credit picture by fortresssocialclub

It’s actually a good idea to combine white colored bathroom with country style decor. In order to claim a significant change, the lower wall are attached with wood accent wall in gray color. It’s a smart choice for this small bathroom. Some country style decors are also needed to add more interests.

3.6. Herringbone Wood Accent Wall Of Bathroom

credit picture by solidhouse.camerashop

The herringbone pattern is quite trending lately. Whether you have it in your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom, this kind of pattern is always entertaining to see. But, you have to balance the pattern with soft hues of white.

3.7. Wood Accent Layout For Powder Room

credit picture by acmotorcycles

The smaller version of bathroom, powder room, would work great with the wood wall. As you can see, it supports the elements which are already there before the remodeling. That beautiful pendant that looks like a shower of light looks incredible.

3.8. Simple Wood Wall In Fancy Bathroom

credit picture by homeadore

The fancy thing about this bathroom is that white shades that’s applied all over the bathroom element except the bathtub and shower area. It’s done to separate the area and get the room even fancier.

3.9. Asian Style Bathroom Ideas

credit picture by buyvenaproi

Talking about the wood wall, it doesn’t have to be about country or rustic style. Asian style is also quite popular dealing with wooden element especially wood accent wall. It’s got a truly modern design that seems to be perfectly suited in this bathroom.

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3.10. Faux Accent Wall With Interesting Pattern

credit picture by subwaysurfershack

It’s a simple addition to your bathroom, but it gives a huge impact. The image of the design completely changes because of that faux wood accent wall installation. So, it’s important for you to consider the right pattern and types of wood for your bathroom wall.

All of those wood accent wall ideas for bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathroom would be very helpful for you to decide where you’re gonna apply the wood walls. 


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