30 PALLET Wall Garden IDEAS! for Decorative Plant

You probably have seen so many do-it-yourself ideas involving wood pallet as an alternative material for interior and exterior furniture. However, furnishing your home is not the only capability of the versatile wooden planks. With a little woodworking and a lot more of creativity, you can also turn them into various forms of pallet wall garden, the unique planting medium for your lovely plants.

If you are still wondering how to start planting flowers, herbs, or other plants in a vertical pallet wall garden, the following ideas will show you several designs as well as plant arrangements that you can easily construct in your garden.


1. Stacking Rack | Pallet Wall Garden

pallet wall garden

Building a walled garden in the terraced design is a creative and practical way to display your garden plant collection. Besides making the plants look more presentable, you can also nurture them more easily, from watering to spreading the fertilizer, because of its slope position. This wall garden arrangement will work best with herbs or small plants.


2. Vertical Pallet Wall Garden

pallet wall garden 2

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Making a vertical pallet wall garden out of repurposed wooden planks is a simple task to accomplish. In fact, it is considered one of the easiest and most popular arrangements of the vertical garden. All you need to do is joining several planks together, properly sanding them, and attaching the finished planting frame to the wall. After that, you can attach two to three small-sized potted plants and some adornments.


3. Outdoor wall Pallet Garden

pallet wall garden 3

If you prefer evergreen or climbing plants to tiny plants on the pots, then this wall garden arrangement is suitable for you. It is built in a shelf-like construction with a relatively higher scale than any other types of wall garden. Such plan will allow the wood pallet to support the climbing plants when they grow on the upper direction.


4. Crate-Framed Vertical Garden

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When using a vertical garden as your planting medium, you need to make sure that the pallet structure you use will be able to accommodate soil, water, and fertilizer in addition to the plant itself. This crate-framed pallet wall garden is the best example which can fulfill all those requirements. Place it in the space with enough sunrays to make your plant grow perfectly.


5. Potted Plants Pallet

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Simple and practical, these brown-varnished planks serve as the frame to hold several potted plants at once. If you want to build this type of wall garden, remember to adjust the width of the wood pallet you use with the pot size and make sure that the position of each pot is not too close. You may also want to play with colors by painting the pots with different shades or plant different types of flowers.


6. Single Vertical Pallet wall

Wooden frame for the plant does not only work outdoor in a pallet wall garden but also can be used as a decorative feature in your interior. To create this adornment, you can use real or artificial flowers which are attached to a plank of wood. Although both look pretty, you may take the flower type and its nursing plans into account when choosing the real flowers instead of the artificial ones.


7. Plant Pallet Compartment

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Instead of the ordinary arrangement of a vertical garden in a flat wooden frame, you can use this pallet compartment as an alternative planting medium. Built in a cabinet-like construction, this vertical garden can accommodate more types of plants or flowers, from herbs to climbing plants. Additionally, you can use put several small potted plants on the top space of the pallet.


8. Pallet Plants for Mason Jars

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This is another example of a pallet wall garden with a wooden frame that can be used to decorate your interior. Using several small wood planks, the frame is built in a paired ladder-like construction with different space from one plank to another. For the exciting part, mason jars are chosen as the planting medium in this walled garden. You can also put tiny lamps inside of some jars and let them spice up the wall with its brighter appearance.


9. Wall Pallet with 3 Shelf 

This attractive pallet shelf is the best pair for your flower plants. It is made out of thick varnished pallets and can be placed both outdoor and indoor. One important thing to do when you use this concept for a flower garden wall is providing enough space between the shelves so that the blooming flower petals will not be damaged.


10. Decorative welcome Pallet

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Some old palettes in your home can also be used as a “Welcome” sign. Greet family and friends with a warm Pallet wall garden. With some flowers in yellow shades will add an interesting rustic decor. Place it on the balcony of your house or you can put it the wall front door of the house.

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11.  Wall Pallet Rack with Quote

With one pallet, you can make it into some rack for your plant container. For example you can divide it into 6 shelves, with each 3 shelf on the left and right to place the plants. Don’t forget to leave the three part of the wooden pallet to write your “quots”, or you can also use it as writing media the types of plants that you have.


12. Balcony Wall Shelf with Lamp

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With pallet board like piece, a mason jar and a bulb you can make a dainty piece of art and lends an exquisite look to your room or your garden. Some plants will add to elevate the decor value of this rustic wooden pallet light. You can setting pretty lamps for a dim soft look and you will see your friends fascinated to see it.


13. Wall Pallet with Potted

Colorful planters and vases may be the best ever decors. But if you run out of places to put plants, or you have child and pets. You can try to shift any of your lovely pot or vase to your targeted wall area!. With some pallets, and creativity; create decorations onto one of your blank walls.


14. Vertical Wall Plant Box

A Wall pallet box is an unique concept designed to display nature on your walls. You can make wall plants have take up as much space as you want. With a vertical concept, you can create several hanging plants container and put it in your pallet wall.


15. Wall Plants Container Box Horizontal

Some people may have trouble with high places, they must take stairs or chairs to care for the wall plants to stay alive. Like picture above, you can try the idea of making your garden wall horizontally. Don’t forget to make the distance between wall container, so your plants can breathe.

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16. Small box Wall Plant

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There are lots of ways in which you can include plants into your home’s décor and don’t all involve the vases and pots. If you like adorable little plants, you can try the above ideas. Some small plants wrapped in a minimalist wooden box will add a unique decorative home and make feel naturaly. Place it in your wall pallet garden to make it look more harmonious.


17. Triangle Shelf Wall Pallet Plant

Somewhere in your home, plants can create a feeling of peace. To maximize your space, use corner shelves with triangle shelf container, built in horizontaly. Decorate them with fresh plants and you will make the room feel more greeny and fresh.


18. Wall Pallet Basket

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Have a expansive wall can be perfect for a beautiful planters. It’s a nice way of displaying your beautiful plants for the neighbors. Some pallet plant basket and colorful flower plants inside it can makeover your blank wall to look pretty and greeny. You can put a handle in each box of plants and make it portable to easy in taking care of him.


19. Hexagon Pallet Wall

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In above is another pallet wall garden ideas with minimalist and modern concept. With the dominant pink color of the flower, it will be suitable to add decoration of your wedding or birthday party. This hexagonal box adds a touch of elegance to any wall. The simple design allows you to fill the planter with soil and plant directly into it. 


20. Square Boxes Pallet Wall Plant

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One of the easiest ways to use old wooden pallets in your garden or other outdoor area is making it into a planter box. You can made a box pallet with the design resembles crates, so you can use it to inserting your tree into a made box pallet. To add value to the art in home decoration; you can place it irregularly.


21. Wall Plants Horizontal with Potted

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This design idea pallet wall garden is another concept that look like in 5 and 13. Simple and practical, these brown-varnished planks serve as the frame to hold several potted plants at once. If you want to build this type of wall garden, remember to adjust the width of the wood pallet you use with the pot size and make sure that the position of each pot is not too close. You may also want to play with colors by painting the pots with different shades or plant different types of flowers.


22. Wall Pallet Basket 2

This design idea is another concept that look like in 18. What makes it different is the basket of this pallet plant using a semi-circle of wooden pallets as its planting containers. If you have many flower plants, you can completing it with green plants like above.


23. Luxury Square Box Wall Plant

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Some wooden pallets coated with varnish paint will also add an elegant impression to the decor of your wall plant. With the dark green color plants will look harmonious to be placed in your container. You can placeit in your balcony and let them do the job of beautify your balcony.


24. Simply Pallet Wall

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Even if you don’t have any skills, and only have wood pallets only. you can simply place it on your empty wall and fill it with plants. With some greeny plants; make your hanging pallet wall garden more fun to look at and watch grow. Its really easy and simple, and looks amazing!


25. Wall Plants Container Box Horizontal 2

This design idea pallet wall garden is another concept that look like in 15. What makes it different is the basket of this pallet plant using a wood that has been mashed and planted with a board pallet vertically. You can play with different pallet board colors to add unique home decor.

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26. Reclaimed old Pallet

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Using reclaimed pallets to build your garden up can help you save money, as well as allow you to get creative in the design of your garden area. Don’t let it go even you have rustic pair of pallets, it would also work great for shabby chic environment in vintage hallway or entry of home.


27. Horizontal Shelf White Wall Pallet

Simple and practical, these white planks serve as the hanging plant containers. A white finish blends with the naturaly wood background making the planter appear greener and brighter. This will also make it look cleaner and tidier. You may also can to play with other colors by painting the pallet wall with different shades or plant different types of flowers.


28. Wide White Wall Pallet

The pallet can also be customized whether you want a rustic wooden look without colors or a modern look with vibrant and defined colors. Do not have to use wood or ceramics pots, you can use plastic bottles as container of your plant. Like above, you can paint it with white color to match the color of your palette.


29. Vertical Pallet with Hanging Tin Cans

Even if you still have the rest of the wooden pallet, don’t throw it away!. because you can make as a base of your hanging plant. You can also consider painting the pallet and tin cans, or planting flowers in an array of colors to make it even more interesting when the flowers begin to bloom.


30. Vertical Pallet with Pot Places

Utilizing a wooden pallet that has been mashed, you can make a placemat to place your pots on the wall. In addition to being safe from children and pets, this will add greeny decoration to your home.

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Pallet wall garden is a wise choice if you only have a small space for planting in the garden or if you only own a minimalist yard. Now that you have seen several ideas above, it’s time for you to choose the best plant arrangement, prepare some wood pallets, and start the woodworking project to build the loveliest vertical garden that you (and everyone) will adore.

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