25 BEST – DIY Pallet Bed Ideas | Bedroom Concept!

DIY Pallet Bed Ideas is often chosen as a distinctive feature for fixtures and furniture in a rustic-themed interior. In the bedroom, these flat, structured wooden planks are best applied to the bed arrangement, including bedstead, bed frame, or even the headboard. They give your bed a fashionable, yet sturdy construction. Additionally, if you go with DIY pallet bed, you will get a simple and affordable way to create a lovely space to rest after an exhausting day.

Here you can find several ideas to construct your pallet bed with different designs and themes. From the master bedroom to guest bedroom, these do-it-yourself pallet beds can be placed in various bedroom settings.

1. Shelving DIY Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Diy

Besides its artistic value, another advantage you can get when using wooden pallet as you bedstead has an additional storage space. In this DIY pallet bed, the wooden frame also serves as a hidden shelf to store your shoes—or anything else for that matter. It creates a unique design, and on top of that, it is quite practical for those who want to save space in a minimalist bedroom.

2. Traditional Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Diy

A bed frame made of wooden pallet expertly gives your bedroom a traditional look. It can be achieved by joining several wood planks in the single or double stack—whichever you prefer. Unlike any other DIY pallet bed designs, a traditional bed frame can go without paints or additional storage space under the bed. However, you still need to sand the pallets to avoid getting splinters while joining the planks.

3. Pallet for a Complete Platform

The bed frame is not the only feature in your bedroom that can be built using wooden strips from DIY pallet bed. By using the same pallet design, you can expand the platform to provide a structure for bedside tables and a headboard. Along with the headboard which is constructed from wooden planks, a pair of crate-shaped bedside tables will complete this arrangement.

4. Scandinavian Bedstead with Rough Pallet 

Pallet Bed Diy 4

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Neutral color shades and wooden fixtures are two important characteristics of the Scandinavian interior style. Both of them can be achieved by applying rough wooden pallet to your old-fashioned bedstead. If you want to use this DIY pallet bed ideas, keep the wood planks in its natural color to go with the style. For more practical use, fill the space under the bed with several crates that can be used as your storage units.

5. Glamorous Classic with Gray Pallet 

Ideal for the master bedroom, the pallet bed with grayish shade, will give you a glamorous sense in its classic style. The main feature of this design lies on the high headboard that is made of wood planks in various heights. You may include some additional features such as a bench at the end of the bed or a pair of bedside tables with similar color shade to beautify the bedroom.

6. Double-functioned Pallet Bed

If you happen to host guests who often choose to stay or sleepover, then this DIY pallet bed will be useful for such a situation. Without mattress or folded bed, the wooden structure can be used as chairs and tables. Meanwhile, when it is needed as a bed frame, all you have to do is arrange the chairs as a simple headboard and the tables as the bed platform.

7. Rustic Pallet Bed

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DIY pallet bed is a good pair for the rustic design, especially when you combine it with the right accent and fixtures. Going without a headboard, a rustic pallet bed is usually achieved by choosing reclaimed woods for the platform. As for the colors, neutral hues such as white or gray are the best options to support its sturdy look.

8. DIY Pallet Bed with Pop of Colors

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Although a pallet bed is closely associated with neutral color shades, it is not a mistake to include several pops of color in your design. In fact, it will make your bed look more attractive, particularly when you apply the color pops to the primary bed feature, such as a headboard or the frame. To get the look of this DIY pallet bed, simply paint several wood planks with 2-3 different colors and arrange them randomly along the brownish wooden shade.

9. Pallet Bed Ideas with Artistic Large Headboard

Besides serving as the frame or platform for your bed, wood planks in a pallet bed can also be applied to the headboard. Instead of a usual headboard in the same width as your bed frame, you can expand its size by adjoining two sets of medium-size planks. A pair of bedside table can be placed on the additional space that you get from this arrangement.

10. Modern Luxurious Pallet Bed Ideas

Brown color pallet bed are modern and luxurious identical design ideas for your bedroom, Bedroom’s main function is to be a place to rest and recharge, With the design like a luxurious room, will be able to eliminate your tiredness. With some pallet you can much to create a beautiful space to do so.


11. Clean Minimalist

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Spend a bit more money on quality bed and a good mattress.? it seems you don’t have to do that. Just with some pallet wood then clean it up and add with varnish paint then you will create a bedroom which is quite unique. You can instantly arrange the room by giving sleeping lamp with a little light.


12. Simple with Wheel and Safety

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Some narrow room will be hard to find a suitable bed and set it. You can use wooden pallet as the solution. For size and shape can be adjusted to the room, Add a wheel if you want, so you can easily shift it anytime.


13. Old Rustic Concept

Rural feel always gives a sense of peace. You can nostalgic by making your bed a rustic style. Some wooden pallets with wood green bedding will fit that.

14. Simple White Concept

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You can use some old pallets that have been unused in your home. Add a little white paint shades to cover the old palette former. White shades will create a clean feeling in your room. It is quite practical for those who want to save cost with a make minimalist bedroom.


15. Simple Classic DIY Pallet Bed

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Old palettes can also give a classic impression. You don’t have to bother spend a lot of cost to design your room look classic. Just use the old palette that you have cleaned and made as a bed. Don’t forget to wash and sanded it first so as not to fouled your room.

16. Simple Classic double Bed

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If you have many friends who often stay at your house, or you have many relatives. You can try to make double bed in up and down by wooden pallet. This will also save space, when it is not used you can slip it under the bed top.

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17. Modern Geometric Pallet Bed

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This bed is modern concept and look eye-cathcing, and it’s absolutely clean! You could stain it a much darker color if you want more of a modern twist. Some drawers under the bed for storage is good ideas. A few touches of gray on the bed sheet and pillows will fit perfectly with this wooden palette bed.


18. Clean Modern with Rack

Ease of use and minimize cost is the advantage of using wooden pallets. Color and texture of wood has given its own decorating touch. You can create with various shapes and models as needed, if you have a small room, you can add a drawer on your bed so as to reduce the space in your bedroom.


19. Simple Celan and Modern

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This DIY pallet bed ideas is very simple but the results are quite impressive. You can make a bed from a wooden pallet without the hassle of dismantling it. Just stack a few boards that have been painted white, and you’ve got it. You can add with varnish to look shiny and durable.


20. Nature Theme

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If you have house or room that is completely made from wood, you can use wooden pallets in addition to decorating your space. A bed frame made of wooden pallet gives your bedroom a traditional look. For the base, just stack the pallet into sections, and cover it with a foam mattress. You can flip the palette facing forward and you get a place for the headrests.


21. Clean Modern Grey Vintage

DIY pallet bed 3

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Grey color shades and wooden fixtures are two important characteristics of the Vintage interior style. Gray color also gives a modern impression on the interior design of your room. With a brick wall accent that looks will add the impression of rural inside. You can make this one of the reference in your room.


22. Clean Traditional Pallet bed

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The choice of design showcases your individual style. With some pallets you can realize your desires. one of them if you want to bring a rural feel you can try the concept as above. With the highlight of wood texture and make the size of a large bed, you can get comfy bed and allows to enjoy a peaceful slumber in pure comfort.

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23. Glamorous Classic Pallet bed

DIY pallet bed 2

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Besides its natural value, a bed frame made of wooden pallet expertly gives your bedroom a traditional look. This above concept is very suitable to apply to your home a classic style with a shady environment such as on the edge of the forest, mount or countryside. You can also build it as an interior design where the inn. In addition to this natural look will reduce your costs.


24. Simple with Space in Under

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If you often have trouble cleaning the bottom of the bed room, you can try the above concept. This can be a solution for those of you who don’t have much free time. By providing an space under it then you can easily to clean the bedroom without having to lift it.

25. Modern and Chic Minimalist

DIY pallet bed

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For some women would want to a clean room, it may be unthinkable to use wooden pallets to design a bedroom. But with a little skill and creative, you can use a palette to make feel clean and modern bedroom. With a black color will fit your modern interior design.

Hope you are inspired to begin your own DIY pallet bed project after looking at some ideas above. Remember to consider its artistic and practical use when you choose pallet or wooden planks as the element of the main furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, in addition to getting a fashionable bed design, you can maximize its purpose and create a more organized bedroom setting. 

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