21 Ideas Wood Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

If you want to take a moment to savor the simple pleasures of life, you might wanna have a kitchen with a farmhouse kitchen decor. The inviting atmosphere that it has, gives some positive effects to the kitchen.

Country and rustic style are the two style that’s really close to a farmhouse design. They are using some old-fashioned tools, handmade items, and vintage stuff. One of the most used material is the reclaimed wood. The texture, pattern, and color of the reclaimed wood will strengthen the rustic atmosphere of the room.

You may wanna have a farmhouse theme to your kitchen decor. The whole style of the kitchen should be in a rustic or country style in order to match with the decor, of course. So, here are some stunning ideas you can apply to your farmhouse kitchen decor using reclaimed wood.

1. Cuisine Style Kitchen Design

farmhouse kitchen decor 1

credit picture by madelocalmarkets

The word cuisine means a style of cooking which is characterized by unique ingredients, dishes, and techniques. The use of reclaimed wood in this kitchen is set to dominate the look. The furniture is already in rustic, you just need support it with some farmhouse kitchen decor to complete the style.

Suggestion. Even though the style is rustic and farmhouse, it doesn’t mean that you can leave it messy and dirty on the countertop. Make sure it’s always neat and clean after you do your cooking activity because the texture and color of the wood are already over the top.

2. Cottage Style Shelves for Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor 2

credit picture by lizmarieblog

Having a reclaimed wood in a white room like this kitchen will strengthen the existence of the element. These open shelves are a nice switch of the cabinet. It would work really well in a small kitchen.

The farmhouse kitchen seems to be ready to accept the cottage style element like that shelves. The rustic texture of the element can work both decorative and functional.

Suggestion. Instead of painting it, you can just leave it stained. Why? Because the natural stains are a match with farmhouse kitchen.

3. Farmhouse Decoration in Small Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor 3

credit picture by jmnartsy

Many designers recommend applying farmhouse style in a small-sized kitchen. it’s because a small space would make everything close by. When the room is wide or large, the sense of farm or cottage is a little bit decreasing.

The reclaimed wood in this small kitchen is used as decorative baskets. It’s a functional decor that accentuates the room’s color. Among all white decorations and elements, the baskets would be the ones that steal attention.

Suggestion. Decorating a small kitchen can be very tricky. Just don’t put too many items on the wall, leave some part of the wall empty to give a space to breathe.

4. Beach Style Kitchen with Farmhouse Decor

farmhouse kitchen decor 4

credit picture by decoist

A farmhouse kitchen decor has become a trend lately. Adding reclaimed wood to the kitchen is the right thing to do since you are choosing a beach style for your kitchen. Some open shelves work well with wood plank wall. I guess upper cabinets would only make your kitchen very crowded.

That kitchen island is a clever decision to add reclaimed wood to the kitchen. It’s not gonna be a decor anymore, it’s now the center of attention.

Suggestion. If you already have such a kitchen island with reclaimed wood, it should be the only element with reclaimed with your kitchen in order to maintain the beach style.

5. Reclaimed Wood Flooring in The Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor 5

credit picture by livingmarch

The hardwood flooring is considered as a trending luxurious option for your kitchen design. A farmhouse kitchen decor can work with such flooring design. If you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget, there’s always other more affordable option to choose but you have to keep in mind that a quality comes with a price.

A hardwood flooring is very popular among kitchen designs. People love it because of its easy maintenance and its high durability. Even, it offers a great looking floor to your kitchen.

Suggestion. If you plan to have this dark reclaimed wood flooring in your kitchen, make sure it’s the only dark element of the kitchen.

6. Kitchen Decor Ideas from Pottery Barn

farmhouse kitchen decor 6

credit picture by quinix

There’s a mini kitchen island right in the center of the kitchen. It uses reclaimed wood to support the farmhouse design in the kitchen. The reclaimed wood kitchen island has four wheels that are ready to be moved anywhere you want.

Suggestion. As a kitchen island, it needs to stay in the middle. But, you can move it anywhere wherever needed.

7. Kitchen Island Using Scaffolding Boards

farmhouse kitchen decor 7

credit picture by apartmentapothecary

This repurposed board can be a good idea to add a reclaimed wood element into your kitchen. You don’t have to think hard and make a lot of consideration about what kind of decoration to apply. Well, you can do as simple as this small kitchen island.

Suggestion. This kitchen island is designed for the small kitchen. But according to the structure and design, you can use it as a functional table.

8. Wooven Baskets as Kitchen Decorations

farmhouse kitchen decor 8

credit picture by pinterest

In this vintage kitchen, adding a farmhouse kitchen decor is a smart move. A gray color is so supportive to a vintage style room. The reclaimed wood effect is provided by the woven accessories.

Suggestion. The reclaimed wood can be added as a minor element in the kitchen. You have to know about vintage style before adding the reclaimed wood item because a vintage style can’t take a lot of interruption from the decor.

9. Reclaimed Wood Decor for Your Coffee Corner

farmhouse kitchen decor 9

credit picture by madeirol

If you are a coffee lover, you might need this at one corner of your kitchen. At first, you need to define the comfortable place for you to install the coffee corner. You might need a furniture like benches to support this corner. But, you can also use repurposed furniture like a dresser.

For the setup, just invest pictures, stickers, and the most important element is the shelves. Arrange the coffee ingredients, tools, and stuff. There you have, you private coffee corner.

Suggestion. The corner spot for your coffee corner should be near the fridge or kitchen containers.

10. White Kitchen Full of Farmhouse Decoration

farmhouse kitchen decor 10

credit picture by nepinetwork

That kitchen shelves are filled with a bunch of farmhouse kitchen decor. It confirms the stylish design that this white kitchen has. A white colored background seems to be the right place for farmhouse kitchen decor. So, you may wanna think about applying that decor style to make the kitchen more impressive.

Suggestion. That wall area with shelves is the only area you can fille with farmhouse decor. The rest of the space would be used functionally.

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11. Farmhouse Decor in Kitchen’s Apartement

credit picture by valley-door

In a standard apartment, there will be more than one different rooms in one large room. In one large room, you can have a living room, kitchen, and dining room. it’s all having an open concept of the room. You can separate your kitchen area by using a farmhouse decor that the rest of the area won’t be using.

Suggestion. Use the reclaimed woof as the accent color for your kitchen element.

12. Salvaged Wood Barn Door for Kitchen

credit picture by decorpad

When you open this salvaged wood barn door, it will be sliding on rails. The old-fashioned door would be very lovely to see it blend into the mix. It amplifies the stylish design of the pantry. This barn door separates the dining room and kitchen area. It’s an important role for a sliding door.

Suggestion. You need to keep the door to be always open because the room behind the door is a kitchen, not a warehouse.

13. Vintage Farmhouse Accessories for Kitchen

credit picture by vintagefarmhousefinds

The vintage appeal is presented by this item to mesmerized your farmhouse taste. This wooden 2-tier tray can make outstanding accessories for your dining table, craft room, and of course kitchen. Just put it on the island countertop cause that’s where it belongs.

Suggestion. Do not put food on this tray, because it’s not safe for food.

14. Solid Rustic Country Kitchen Design

credit picture by popyhome

This country kitchen is fully rustic in almost every element. The vintage and rustic wall decoration is the one that steals everyone’s attention. It almost covers the whole space of the wall. There’s no space left for the wall design to show off.

Suggestion. This design suggests you go extreme on your preferences. If you want it rustic, gather all rustic or farmhouse kitchen decor and apply it in.

15. Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas

credit picture by popyhome

Unlike some of the previous idea, this one presents a storage idea that uses the reclaimed wood material. The shabby chic charm is placed right in the middle of modern style element in the kitchen. It’s okay to do this since it’s designed to be a decorative and functional piece in this kitchen.

You can balance this rustic storage by adding another piece of accessories with simple and natural features. That will work as the connector between the modern and shabby chic idea.

Suggestion. It should only be used to store the fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients.

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16. Chic White Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

credit picture by pinterest

The woven pieces hit once again. After giving an exciting charm to the gray vintage kitchen, it’s time to elegantly add colors to the white kitchen. This kitchen consists of one simple cabinet with brown wood countertop, white open shelves, and woven baskets.

All of the elements are well-blended together. With the addition of natural item like that flowers, you bring life to this kitchen area.

Suggestion. You can switch that wood art on top of the shelf, choose the one that represents your personality.

17. Kitchen Decoration with Farm Theme

credit picture by popyhome

This pantry area is ready to accommodate the whole ingredients, tools, and equipment to support your kitchen’s activity. The activity in the kitchen is what makes it alive. So, you can say that a pantry is like the heart and soul of a kitchen.

The image of farm animals like cow and pig is enough to represent the whole thing about a farm. There’re some decorative containers you can use for the ingredients such as sugar, flour, rice, eggs, and etc.

Suggestion. Instead of having the white tile background, you can just give the plain one in order to avoid being too crowded.

18. Graduated Wooden Boxes to Decorate Kitchen

credit picture by dedektiflikankara

One of the best decor for your kitchen is this farmhouse plant decor. The effect of the natural element would definitely present a powerful impact of nature. This natural decor gives your kitchen more than just a color or accent, it gives you health.

These wooden boxes are designed to be filled with plant-like stenciled herbs. The herbal ingredients would improve your health when you mix it in your food.

Suggestion. It should be hung in a narrow wall space inside the kitchen. Make sure the sunlight hit the herbs.

19. The Shiplap Board for Farmhouse Kitchen

credit picture by streethacker

The word farmhouse above the windows confirmed the style that this kitchen has. The feeling of old fashion is all over the kitchen. the color combination, the rustic texture, the wood pattern, all of them are well combined. A shiplap board is the main attraction of this kitchen.

Suggestion. Shiplap is mostly used in a farmhouse kitchen because of the reclaimed wood charm that it has.

20. Brick Floor Kitchen Design

credit picture by carltonlanding

Brick Flooring for a kitchen is very unique. You might have a hard time to find a kitchen with such flooring concept. Just like a wooden floor, the brick floor has a certain unique charm. The sense of permanence would be the feature that a lot of people like about this flooring.

The timeless beauty of this flooring makes it’s so distinctive. Brick flooring might be rough but it presents an elegant look to your kitchen. The design can be based on the atmosphere and style you have to have in your kitchen.

Suggestion. This farmhouse kitchen Decor looks extremely rustic because of the ceiling, if you want to lower the rustic level, the ceiling should just be clean and classic.

21. White Tiling as Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Background

credit picture by thelilypadcottage

The reclaimed wood is guaranteed to be successful as a decoration of the white room. It’s got a small open shelf to back up the conventional kitchen cabinet. The woven basket is popular to use only as decoration. It’s rarely functioned as a container.

Suggestion. The reclaimed wood decoration is minimal in this kitchen. You have to keep it that way.

There are 21 ideas in this article, I believe some of them already impress you. You can take them as your inspiration to design your kitchen with these stunning farmhouse kitchen decor ideas. 

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