20 Rustic Bathroom IDEAS You Won’t Regret Exploring!

Applying a rustic bathroom in your country home living is a suitable thing to do to complete the style. Dealing with the rustic style is actually pretty simple to understand. It’s all about the texture. You need to pay attention to materials that have a natural old look because that’s the key to be rustic.

The materials such as a galvanized metal, reclaimed wood, cast iron, and rough stones. Some rustic flair from those materials would give a big impact to the bathroom. Having a bathroom to be in the rustic style would be unusual. Some furniture or decoration that are made of reclaimed wood, iron cast, and decorative beams, can maintain the historic country home living style.

If you like the idea of rustic style for your bathroom, you may wanna take a look at these 20 modern rustic bathroom ideas. Get ready to explore them all.

1. Modern Rustic Bathroom Style

1.1. Modern Rustic and Traditional Combination

rustic bathroom 1

credit picture by secureidm

When you decided to combine two styles in one room, you have to do it properly. It would really create a visually appealing interior and also an elegant atmosphere. It has to be well-planned because if it’s not done properly, your room interior would be a mess.

The good example of having two styles combination is that bathroom in the photo. It’s a successful bathroom design which looks so obviously comforting. Most of the rustic feeling in this bathroom is provided by the barn wood which is applied all over the room, wall, and ceiling. It seems to be the reason we call this bathroom as rustic.

1.2. Elegant – Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

rustic bathroom 2

credit picture by decoist

This bathroom is only having some part of the bathroom to set on rustic style. The reclaimed old wood on the wall of one bathroom corner. Except for that corner, the rest of the room is designed in a modern style.

It’s very unique because the designer decides to apply in only a little part of the bathroom to be rustic. This is a clever way to install a rustic charm for the bathroom because it’s placed in a strategic place. It’s surely become the main attention of the bathroom.

1.3. Wooden Bathroom in Rustic Style

rustic bathroom 3

credit picture by decohoms

There’s a connecting impression between the wooden wall, flooring, and the tile. This rustic bathroom is filled with energetic feelings. The warm shades that fill up this bathroom are really become the main attraction. It’s got the soft and warm beige tiles which are perfect for this modern bathroom.

The ceramic tiles for lower walls and floors are colored light-beige. They are applied to shelter the lower bathroom area and also to protect the woods. The upper area that covers the upper wall and ceiling are finishes by woods with a rustic look.

1.4. Elegant Bathroom with Dark Rustic Wood All Over

rustic bathroom 4

credit picture by nhfirefighters

The flooring, ceiling, and wall, the whole background interior are applied with dark rustic wood. The feeling of relaxing and calm would definitely be in this rustic bathroom. There’s a small window to balance the dark shades of brown of the woods.

The white bathtub and sink are also making a good impact on its own. Adding white element into the middle of darkroom is done to give a sense of light in order to get a proper feeling of the comfortable bathroom.

1.5. White and Dark Rustic Bathroom Inspiration

rustic bathroom 5

credit picture by bupamalaysia

Speaking of balancing the light with the white colored element, take a look at this rustic white bathroom. It’s fifty-fifty, you have the dark wood and white color are balanced in portion. You can call this bathroom design as modern rustic style.

Some of the wall, the whole ceiling, and the vanity cabinet are using dark reclaimed wood. Surely, the sense of rustic comes from that element. The designer chose the right spot to have the white portion in the bathroom. All of them are functional and the most used. That’s clever.

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1.6. Barn Wood Walls in Country Rustic Bathroom Ideas

rustic bathroom 6

credit picture by dreamingincmyk

The reclaimed barn wood walls are the main attraction of this rustic bathroom. It looks so chic and outstanding. It’s got an interesting shower tile design which is in contemporary addition to the mix. Another supporting decoration is the curtain of the shower, the vintage pattern looks exotic.

This rustic bathroom has given you the experience of doing bathroom activity in a bar bathroom. All of the looks thanks to the reclaimed barn wood walls. Without them, the other rustic element would look useless.

1.7. Wood Paneling Wall Bathroom

rustic bathroom 7

credit picture by mostfinedup

Another elegant choice of rustic style for your bathroom, it looks so clean and classic. It seems a bit far from rustic. But because of the wood texture on the wall, flooring, and vanity, you can still call it as rustic style.

The interesting paneling wood tile accent wall of this bathroom is really becoming the center of attention. The element of woods is surrounding the white bathtub in a beautiful way. In order to provide the light and bright atmosphere during the day, that small rectangular windows on the wall are located perfectly.

1.8. Fancy Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

rustic bathroom 8

credit picture by pagesjaunes

The neutral shades are always gonna be successful for home interior. Black and white combination is one of the most favorite ones for your fancy bathroom. The white color is in charge of the light. The black color is there to dim the light.

What about that reclaimed wood? of course, the woods are there for a reason. The wooden flooring stands in the middle of black and white. It balances them and avoids them to be too dominating. Because the wood, the bathroom feels more alive.

1.9. Beautiful and Well-Groomed Bathroom Design

rustic bathroom 9

credit picture by casbah

Check out this amazing white bathroom. The wooden elements are there to describe the rustic style of this bathroom. The well-groomed design of bathroom would make a comfortable atmosphere for your bathroom activity.

As you can see, there are only two shades in this beautiful bathroom. The white color existed to give the bathroom enough light. Most designers would say that every bathroom should be bright and have enough lighting. You don’t have to install a lot of light, just choose a bright color to it.

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1.10. Well-Planned Modern Rustic Bathroom

rustic bathroom 10

credit picture by dekorpa

The key to designing a great bathroom is the perfect planning. As you can see, the gray tiles are the soft addition to this bathroom. Instead of white or cream color, the designer chooses gray to get a contrast accent. It must be decided by some considerations in the planning session.

I guess it’s the right decision made by the designer. That gray tiles turn the bathroom to be less boring. That kind of color is also perfect to maintain the atmosphere to keep relaxing and calming.

But, there’s a risk you have to take if you decide to go with gray color combining rustic woods. You have to install more light settings to provide the adequate amount of brightness for a bathroom. One of the main reasons is there’s no window in this bathroom.

2. Country Rustic Bathroom Ideas

2.1. Country Style Bathroom Ideas

credit picture by systym

In rustic concept, it’s possible to add the real natural items inside to strengthen the natural design of a room. In this country-style bathroom, you could feel the classic ambiance and the atmosphere of nature.

That old trees in the middle seem to create a monumental focal point for this country bathroom. The sense of rustic is very strong, thanks to the old tree. Check out the traditional vanity, it’s got a simple rustic mirror that supports the sink set design. It’s even better with that old-style lightings.

2.2. Country Chic Bathroom Idea

credit picture by eyagci

The barn wood wall and ceiling are not there on their own. They are supported by the metal bathtub and stone flooring. The unique design of vanity shows its intriguing rustic texture. It can accommodate two people at the same time.

The light pendant on the vanity seems to be supporting the country style of this bathroom. Above the tub, it’s got more artistic lamp hanging from the ceiling. From the bathtub, you can enjoy the bright sunlight to get you to relax while bathing.

2.3. Small Cottage Style Bathroom

credit picture by krasoff-stroy

This super rustic bathroom comes from a small cottage. Almost all of the elements in this bathroom are using rustic style. It would require a good maintenance to keep the room fresh and clean. Lighting is the key to get a successful atmosphere you can spread all of over the interior.

Well, even though this bathroom has windows. During the night, the lighting existence is very crucial. So, make sure the bathroom well-lighted during the night by installing some more lightings. This rustic bathroom is full of texture. Everywhere you go, you’ll find the texture nearby. That’s what makes the bathroom to be perfectly rustic.

2.4. Barn Bathroom with Rustic Style

credit picture by apron-hana

The texture of the wood once again becomes the highlight of a bathroom. One small window is enough to control the lighting inside this room. Facing the sunlight, there will be a high amount of natural light entering the bathroom during the day.

Some people might be uncomfortable using this bathroom during the night because of the dark color choice. If you want to choose to have this rustic bathroom design, do not forget to get the right rustic room color to get it balancing each other. White bathtub and sink are always there to maintain the relaxing shades of the bathroom.

2.5. Warm Cottage Style Bathroom

credit picture by locutus

Another rustic choice for your bathroom concept, the first time you enter this bathroom, you will feel the warm and energetic atmosphere all over the interior. The color of orange is filling up the room uncontrollably, in a good way, of course.

The light brown color of the wood wall has turned into orange because of the yellow lamp from the lighting. That thing is designed on purpose in order to fill up the room with a warm feeling while the relaxing scene of nature is out there waiting to impress.

2.6. Country Style Textured Bathroom

credit picture by pinterest

This kind of bathroom design is needed inside your country home living. Classic, luxurious, and rustic style are like the main ingredients to make this fantastic country bathroom. In this case, the reclaimed woods are dominating the bathroom.

Take a look at the toilet and walk-in shower of this bathroom. The rustic textures of the door are taking control of the atmosphere. Only a little part of the wall which is painted in white. It’s making a perfect basic backdrop to the room.

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2.7. Wooden Trim Country House Bathroom

credit picture by jhmrad

In a chalet located in the Nogentil area, you can find this exceptional barn wood bathroom. The bathroom design offers a unique experience of the spa. You can feel the traditional atmosphere of this country-style design.

Almost all of the space in this bathroom are covered with barn wood. All of the wood texture is similar which can make the room a little bit boring. But, the designer has planned to balance the situation with the different flooring material, and wall tiles for the shower area.

2.8. Modern Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

credit picture by viralobuzz

This country style bathroom design looks so comfortable. I think one of the reason is the large size of this bathroom. It feels so spacious and the designer has a lot of space to manage the country look in this bathroom.

In order to give more power to the rustic sense of this bathroom, the designer chooses to have stones wall near the bathtub. It’s on the same wall of the window. Just a little portion of stones at that part, it’s enough to be a clever modern rustic bathroom decoration.

2.9. Varnished Wood In Small Rustic Bathroom

credit picture by architecturedsgn

The rustic texture of the wood is definitely being the highlight of this bathroom. The texture itself can give an accentuating look to the bathroom. The woods should be well-varnished in order to keep it clean and shiny.

The bathtub is always in white color in almost every rustic bathroom. It’s a good thing for the bathroom because it can give a sense of light inside the bathroom.

2.10. Cabin Themed Bathroom Interior Design

credit picture by mayamoka

Cabin style room is quite close to rustic style. It uses the main element of a country or rustic which is wood. The rustic elements in this cabin are quite complete, it’s got woods, stones, timbers, and metal. A little bit splash of color from the window glass makes a nice impact to the room.

It’s so obvious that a rustic bathroom can be so much interesting. Some people might be a little bit skeptical about having a rustic or country style bathroom. But if you know how to combine everything, you can make it comfortable.

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