20 PALLET Ideas DIY! to Make Simple Your Life Activities

Despite its trivial appearance, the wooden pallet has many things to offer. With a creative touch and the right steps in a do-it-yourself project, you can turn this simple, yet solid material into any home furniture you need—shelf, rack, cabinet, you name it. However, if you are still not sure what kind of furniture to build using a pallet or wooden planks that you have at home, don’t give up yet. Take a look at the following pallet ideas DIY that will show you several examples of the practical and decorative use of wood pallets. Some of them can serve as an extra fixture to decorate your interior, but some others are essential to have, and thus, need to be constructed immediately to support the routine flow at your home.

1. Shoe Storage pallet ideas DIY 

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Creating a shoe rack out of wood pallet is one of the essential pallet ideas DIY. When using pallet as a storage unit for your shoe collection, you need to adjust the space between each plank according to the types of shoes and their average size. Other than that, the materials and steps of this DIY project are quite simple. After assembling the pallet into a rack and paint it with your color choice, you can place the finished shoe rack near the entrance door.

2. Sturdy Working Desk

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Those who are looking for an affordable way to organize a home office should include pallet working desk on top of the list. The material is sturdy enough to hold your computer and office equipment. Besides, you are free to come up with any size and shape that will be the most suitable for you. This simple, yet chic working desk is a good example. The clean-cut surface is perfectly balanced with decorative legs that are rich in detail.

3. Storage Drawers 

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Another house item that is included on the list of pallet ideas DIY is shelving units or storage drawers. To build one, you need to choose reclaimed pallets with straight lengths so that it will result in well-designed storage. Regarding the practical purpose, the chest of drawers will also help you be more organized by storing and categorizing any clutter you have at home.

4. Simple Design for Wall Cabinet

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Besides shelves and drawers, wooden pallets are also useful for building a simple design of cabinetry. This open-face wall cabinet, for instance, is built using only a few wood planks but able to present many advantages. While being placed in the kitchen, it can serve as a storage rack to store your coffee pack or spice jars. Plus, by adding several nails on the bottom part, you can use it to hang your mug collection.

5. Photograph Display on the Wall 

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One thing about wood pallet is that it is not only practical for building simple home furniture but can also serve as a decorative display to beautify your wall. It is a good place to show memorable family moments which are captured in photographs. Whether you build it in a single unit or separate pieces, this pallet ideas DIY will make your photograph display look more attractive.

6. Mirror Frame 

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The mirror can be used for different purpose in a different room, from the wall decoration in the living room to the main feature in the vanity unit. Good news is since wooden pallet is also versatile, you can use one of the pallet ideas DIY to create an eye-catching frame for your mirror. You are free to start with a simple style in geometrical shape or explore more detailed design with additional space to store toiletries, accessories, and personal care.

7. Stylish Bookcase

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If you consider yourself a bibliophile or someone who loves reading and collecting books, there is nothing more satisfying than having all your books stored in a stylish bookcase. While pallet ideas DIY for bookshelf and bookcase are largely available, you still need to take the room arrangement into account when planning to build storage for your books. With that in mind, the bookcase you build is not only used to store your book collection but also can expose its attractive point.

8. Wall Crates for Miscellaneous Storage

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The pallet is often associated with crate since both technically have the same purpose. Therefore, you can construct the wooden planks into crate-shaped storage units, nail them to the wall, and use them as a space to put miscellaneous household items that you need to declutter.

9. Bulkhead Crates for Miscellaneous Storage

These wood pallet room divider very helpful. Just some pallets to make this self-supporting divider. Have a lot off space on the divider give you ample room for placed pots, books, photos, shoes, pillows or whatever you want to display.

10. Multipurpose Wall TV Shelf

Have a new TV but are confused about putting it? this wall palette can be a solution for placing your TV. You can make it by adding a few shelves under it for audio equipment – videos, games, books and other decorations.

11. Wall Clothes Hanger

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Some leftover wooden pallets can also be used again. You can turn it into something useful like making clothes hangers. Only need a little wooden board, nails, hooks and you have got it. Make it as one of the ideas for decorating your space with the rustic concept.

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12. Table With a Secret Shelf

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This pallet table idea can be a solution to the storage problem as it has a space in it to hold and hide bunch of the things. With the hinged lid the storage is simple, easy and secure. With some wooden pallet boards you can realize that. don’t forget to give it paint to make it look clean.

13. Wooden Pallet Wall Clock

Wall Pallet Clock is a great DIY to make decoration your home, as it has really clear instructions. This clock brings a unique and classy to your home. The wood texture and color nature of this pallet definitely adds to its charm. You’ll need 9 pallet boards in order to get started on your own wood pallet clock.

14. Versatile Folding Wall Shelf

Wanting to make an outdoor space more usable for your gardening, but don’t have much square footage? Go vertical with this folding wall shelf Garden idea. with two used pallet, you can make a hanging shelf to put your planting equipment.

15. Wall Shelf for Hanging Kitchen Tools 

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If you don’t have much cupboard or storage space for your kitchen equipment, This is another great ideas for saving space area. You can use the vertical space in your kitchen by hanging frying pan on this pallet. Dont forget to add hooks for hanging your equipment.

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16. Multipurpose Kitchen Shelves

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The best way to tidy up your kitchen space is to add shelving units or storage drawers. The chest of drawers will also help you be more organized by storing and categorizing any clutter you have at home. This will be perfect for storing your kitchen ingredients.

17. Pallet Wall Key Chain

Do you often lose the car or motorbike key? or do you often forget to put your glasses under and step on them? this idea can be a solution to your problem. Just only need a few wooden pallets, nails and hooks to make it. Put in a little work now for make a simple life everyday.

18. Wall Pallet Tissue

Pallet style can be applied in all of aspects of your simply life activity, include the decorating your bathroom. The idea of hold tissue from this pallet might not be thought of by you, and this good to save unused wood. Place in your bathroom and make feel rustic and vintage style.

19. Pallet Bathroom Shelves Rustic

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Do you need a shelf in bathroom for tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap and other accessories?, You have no need to call woodworker or buy in supermarket for these small tasks of wood works. You can do this with old wooden pallet by yourself.

20. Large Multipurpose Shelf

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If you have more space from your room, you can use it to put a laundry basket. This is great and fantastic idea to be prepared by the pallet wood. You need at least five pallets woods of equal length and sizes are joined with each other in the square shape with the help of nails.


So, which one of the pallet ideas DIY above that steal your attention? There is no rush to choose, however. Just consider what kind of furniture or home accessories you need the most before sticking to the ultimate choice. Also, when doing a DIY project with those wooden pallets, always remember to include your creative sides so that the furniture you build will have your signature. 


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