20 DIY Pallet Projects to Try for Your Backyard

There are so many clever ways to recycle shipping pallets. From wine storage to furniture, the wood pallet can be transformed into chic decor and furnishings. Because it’s affordable, DIY pallet projects makes a great option for weekend activities.

You can even get the pallet material for free if you are lucky enough. Buying it from the hardware store won’t cost you much money too. So, don’t worry. The wood pallet is very very friendly to your budget. Start to recycle your old wooden pallets to be a beautiful and useful element.

1. DIY Garden Bar Pallet Project

DIY Pallet Projects

credit picture by easyhometips

From those old wood pallets, you can build an awesome colorful entertainment right on the ground of your garden area. Make your garden area more enjoyable with this cool farmhouse mini bar.

A wood pallet garden bar seems to be a perfect option to make use of your old, unused shipping pallets. The pallets should also be supported with some pieces of other wood to maintain the sturdiness.

Some other supporting materials like nails, paint, brushes, and bolts to attach the wood each other. Some basic skills of lumber are needed to build this. That’s why it’s one of the great DIY pallet projects to try.

2. Wood Pallet Crates As Fruits And Veggies Storage

credit picture by hotsta

If you have a garden that you plant with fruits and vegetables, this pallet organizer will be coming in handy everytime you harvest your garden. This wood pallet organizer will make you easy to take in and take out your yields anytime you want.

With a simple skill of lumbering, you can make use of the wood pallets you get from shipping. In a form of drawers, the fruit and vegetable organizing would never be this easy. There are six drawers available to keep the yields. Each drawer should be filled with the same kind of fruit or veggies.

3. DIY BBQ Grill Bar For Garden Party

credit picture by drwyattinspires

Who’s ready for having barbeque grill party in the summertime? This is probably the most awaited party in the summer season. This is where every member of the family and friends would enjoy their time together and eating BBQ grill full of joy.

An outdoor kitchen stand in this backyard is made of reclaimed woods which is some part of it get covered by the iron roofing. It’s there to protect the grill to maximize the cooking in an outdoor area.

4. DIY Pallet Projects of Hose Holder With Planter

credit picture by concassage

The combination of hose holder and planter is pretty much uncommon in the world of DIY pallet projects. Nowadays, homeowners love to combine a functional item with a decorative element like this pallet furniture.

The original idea of this project is to make it look like a hose caddy. As you can see, the result is so much better than just an ordinary caddy. It’s functional and decorative for your outdoor space. 

This hose holder would be pretty useful to be a storage for something else instead of a hose. When you close the door, the things inside would be out of sight. Only a beautiful planter and its flowers remain.

5. Chicken Coop Design for Your Garden

credit picture by chickencoopcostco

When you decide to add a little bit of your farming passion into your garden, an addition of chicken coop could be a good thing to do. The chicken coop you see in the picture is only suitable for a standard-sized backyard.

Just by seeing, you may already know that there will be a lot of work in building this chicken coop. Well, you may need to learn a little bit more about the advanced skill of lumbering. It’s like building a tiny house.

6. DIY Pallet Projects for Garden Center

credit picture by jacketsonline

The idea of having a garden center is because the size of the garden is pretty large. That’s why that addition of garden center won’t bother any other elements nearby. When the garden size is large, having a garden center is important to be an exciting spot to enjoy.

An ideal garden center should have a wood bench as its main event. To maintain the beauty, some wood pallet planters are added on each side.

7. Hammocks and Swing from Wood Pallets

credit picture by bloglovin

Whether it’s for kids or adults, hammocks and swings can only mean one thing, relaxation. The only material you need to have this exciting and colorful hammock are these three things. They are a comfy mattress, some colorful pillows, and the wood pallets.

The main material of this relaxing element of the garden is the wood pallets. That’s what makes this hammocks and swings as one of the easy DIY pallet projects to make at home.

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8. DIY Patio Pallet Furniture

credit picture by rexdixon

An outdoor living room is an additional room that you can have only if you have more space outside the house. A space like a patio should be built at your backyard to maximize the space of the house. Then, your house would be complete.

For a cottage or farmhouse style patio, this pallet furniture has the right design for it. It’s gonna be an enjoyable spot you can have with your friends or relatives, like drinking beers together.

9. Pallet Climbing Structure for Kids Outdoor Fun

credit picture by xseduct

Tell your kids to get ready to have fun right in the backyard. Well, you can make your outdoor space in the backyard to be your kids’ playground. Most of the playful object in the playground can be built with wood pallets.

So, it’s not impossible to build a complete kid’s playground at your backyard with the wood pallets you have. Take a look at this playful climbing structure, most of the materials are made out of wood pallets.

10. Colorful Pallet House for Kids

credit picture by decoredo

An outdoor fun space is needed for a house with kids inside because that fun area will be their medium to play and learn. One effort you can do to fill that area is to build a pallet house. A small house which is made out of wood pallets.

The colorful painting is the key to making this area fun. Always make sure that the atmosphere around your kids’ playground is fun and comfortable for them.

11. Wood Pallet Sandpit for Kids

credit picture by joj.sk

A sandpit or sandbox in your own backyard would be a dream come true for your kids. For them, a sandpit is the most exciting place that wants to be. However, playing with sand is a fun way of learning for kids. A private sandpit will be the most enjoyable spot in the house.

This colorful sandpit has a comfortable structure that offers a built-in bench as a seating for the players. All of the structure is built with a collection of wood pallets. It’s one of the fun DIY pallet projects to do for your kids.

12. Outdoor Lounge at The Backyard

credit picture by youtube

With or without a swimming pool, this outdoor lounge won’t be useless in your backyard. Enjoying the sunlight, having BBQ party with family, doing chit-chat with friends, are some of the fun activities you can do here.

The wood pallets are taking over this outdoor lounge. You can find it under the seating, like the coffee table, and the pallets are all over the space on the floor and fence. So, you can call this as a pallet outdoor lounge.

13. Creepy Wooden Skull Chair

credit picture by matkinhnu

This creepy chair is obviously designed for a style with a very specific theme. This skull shape chair is probably loved by metalheads, gothic, or some other creepy kind of people. For the sake of art, this chair is pretty artistic and it’s great for a furniture in your Halloween party.

This unique chair is definitely the creepiest furniture in this list. In other words, maybe there are only a few people who has an interest in building this as their DIY pallet projects. And one of the people is probably you.

14. Fold-Down Murphy Bar from Wood Pallet

credit picture by theownerbuildernetwork

The element of the wood pallet can be built to be like this functional decoration. A small bar which can be folded up and down. You can just fold it down to have the mini bar feature. Then, fold it up again to close bar away from sight.

It’s a very functional element for the outdoor living room. it’s so space-saving because it’s attached to the wall. There will be no floor space taken. That’s the reason this Murphy bar become popular for a farmhouse style house.

15. Backyard Tiki Bar at The Corner

credit picture by xmlserving

Just by looking at this picture, you will see that this tiki bar is a full-size mini bar in your backyard. The tase of industrial is all over the ceiling with that lamps concept. The DIY pallet projects is still the theme of this tiki bar.

I guess, this full-sized mini bar is not suitable to be mentioned in this list because of the size and its complicated building concept. The key to DIY is affordable. However, building this tiki bar would obviously cost a lot of money. There’s no way to make this affordable.

16. An Outdoor Sink for Your Backyard

credit picture by ivoiregion

It’s another pallet project that you can build at home. It’s built to support your outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor sink would be very helpful to clean all of the utensils that are used from the kitchen. It’s not gonna be efficient if you take all the used utensils into the indoor kitchen.

This wood pallet project won’t make you hassles. It’s pretty easy to make, just follow some simple guides that you can find online. Don’t forget to prepare all of the materials before that.

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17. Outdoor DIY Firewood Storage

credit picture by internetgardener

Whether you have a fireplace inside or outside, it would be better to keep all the firewood supply outdoor. It won’t bother the clean view of your indoor fireplace. Sometimes, homeowners decide to put the firewood storage side by side with the fireplace. Well, it’s up to you.

Anyway, an firewood storage seems to be in the right place when it’s outside. It’s just where it belongs. Well, take a look at this outdoor storage, it is well-built with a wood pallet. It’s a complete set of DIY project to organize the firewood supply you need.

18. Wood Pallet Food Cart

credit picture by 1-2-do

For your BBQ party, a food cart is needed to bring the food around the space. In this case, the food cart can be looking so rustic. It’s not always about the metal when it comes to food cart structure. A rustic wood pallet can also show a great appearance to support your grill party.

In conclusion, there are three containers in this portable food cart. The top compartment can be filled with the food, tissue, and bottles of sauce. The second compartment is for the spoons, forks, plates, glass, and other utensils, and the bottom compartment is for the firewood to support the grill.

19. Toy Storage Box Outdoor

credit picture by matuisichiro

The need for an outdoor storage box is based on the hobbies of the family members. For example, if you and your kids love to go cycling together, this storage box will be so worthwhile for the bicycle and its equipment.

You can fill this toy storage box with almost anything you want. Therefore, if you have a garden to take care of every day, this storage box is suitable for your gardening tools. For the family member who has different hobbies, need to keep their stuff safe too, you may need a bigger storage box.

20. A Dog House from Wood Pallet

credit picture by 1001pallets

It’s the special pallet project in this list of DIY Pallet Projects. A dog house has a lot of design types you can buy from the store. But, if you can build it by yourself, it would be so much affordable and budget-saving.

Gather all of your old wood pallet and unused shipping pallets to create a comfortable small doghouse for your pet dog.

In Conclusion

For those who are questioned about a way to save budget but still having a well-designed outdoor area. Those 20 DIY pallet projects might be very helpful to get you ready, ready to transform your backyard with wood pallets as the main material.

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